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genie-lampOver the years, Mobile-Cuisine.com has been chasing after becoming “the” go to website covering the mobile food industry. Whether it was through the content about the industry, writing a book “Running a Food Truck for Dummies” and the numerous contests the site has held to help the operators in the food truck industry get national acclaim for the work they do on the streets of their local communities.

To do this, numerous hours of research have been dedicated to helping prospective and existing food truck owners. Why do I do it? It simple really.

Because I love the industry and those involved in it. It has been my pleasure to provide the data and articles and plan to continue this as long as I can.

Today I are asking for those in the industry and the site’s readers who just enjoy reading about these culinary entrepreneurs to help us out to provide even more content. If you were unaware of it, Mobile Cuisine is basically a one man show. Yes, it has a number of contributing authors who have helped add valuable content relating to the industry, but on a day to day basis, the bulk of the work done on the site is done by one person; Richard Myrick, the found and editor-in-chief.

While I feel that the site provides a lot of useful information, there is a lot more that I wish I could add. The problem I have is my limited knowledge of computer coding, and this has been the one area that has held me back from expanding the site even more than it has over the years.

I am entering Mobile Cuisine in a contest that will assist me in the ability to add additional information many of my readers have asked for, but due to my inability to properly code the site, I have not been able to provide it. Intuit is offering 15 opportunities to for small business owners to win $5,000 to help expand their business. My plans for the money if I were to win would be to hire a php coding expert to help me adding the additional framework to mobile-cuisine to add sections to the site that I have been planning to add for years, but just couldn’t figure it out on my own.

So here is where you come into play, please help the site win the contest by following this link and vote for my wish. The more votes I acquire  the better chance I’ll have at winning, and being able to make my wishes come true. I thank all of you for your continued support, and hope to very soon be able to announce the new content I am hoping to add through the granting of my wish.

Vote for us <here> (please note you can vote once a day)

intuit love our local businessFood truck owners wishing they had $5,000 to expand their mobile food empire now have their chance at 15 opportunities Intuit is offering to small businesses. So how do you enter your truck’s wish?

Step 1:

Tell them your wish (in less than 600 characters).

Step 2:

Share your wish and get your followers/fans to vote for you.

Step 3:

Sit back and wait. Intuit will begin announcing winners on May 6th on their facebook page.

Enter the contest <here>

Find the rules to the contest <here>

The mobile food industry is growing! This is something we have been saying for the last two years, but now we have an idea how much. Below is a review of the study by Steve King of Emergent Research.

Food trucks are hot. They represent local, fresh, fusion, authentic and hip all in one convenient dining experience. Research indicates that food trucks are not just a fad, but a viable market segment with significant competitive advantages relative to quick serve, fast food and take-out food vendors.

industry growth

Jumping onto the foodwagon, Intuit recently released “Food Trucks Motor Into the Mainstream,” the latest Intuit 2020 Research Report that assesses trends and impacts of the rapidly growing food truck industry in the U.S.

Emergent Research, Intuit’s partner on this research project, forecasts the food truck industry to continue its rapid growth. By 2017 food trucks will generate about $2.7 billion in revenue. This is a fourfold increase from the 2012 food truck revenue estimate of $650 million provided by the National Restaurant Association.

Research for this study took place from May-August 2012. As part of the study, Emergent Research conducted in-person interviews with 272 food truck customers. The team also interviewed 27 food truck owners or managers in person, by email or on the phone. All interviews were conducted in San Francisco or nearby suburbs.

The Customer Experience

Survey results show that food truck customers like the food and enjoy the experience. More than 90 percent of the diners interviewed rated food truck quality as either excellent (43 percent or good (48 percent). Just over 80 percent of those interviewed used words like funexcitingnewdifferentunusual and unique when asked why they dined at food trucks.

Diners also like the speed and convenience of food trucks and are willing to pay for quality. The average customer interviewed spent $9.80 at lunch and $14.99 at dinner. Almost all diners interviewed said they planned to continue patronizing food trucks.

Food Trucks as a Business

Interviews with food truck owners and operators revealed a very Silicon Valley flavor. Most food trucks were started and operated much like lean tech startups. Reflecting the tech industry’s Lean Startup movement described by entrepreneur Eric Ries, food truck owners focus on rapid prototyping, business flexibility, cash and resource conservation and a laser-like focus on customers to quickly adapt to market needs.

  • Food trucks cost much less to start and run than a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant. They can also quickly and easily test new concepts, menus and recipes.
  • Food trucks are tightly focused on their customers, interacting closely and intimately with patrons every day, both in-person and through the extensive use of social media. These interactions provide instant insights into menu and food preferences.

The food truck industry has tapped into powerful consumer trends, especially the desire for fresh, local, quality food served quickly and conveniently. They can test new products real-time with daily menus. Using social media and geolocation tools, they broadcast new food concepts while being easily found in unique and often changing locations. These trends, coupled with their low cost and flexible business model, will drive food trucks to continued success.

Read the entire report <here>

Emergent Research: Steve King and Carolyn Ockels are partners at Emergent Research, a consulting firm focused on the most dynamic sector of the global economy – small businesses. Together with Intuit, they’ve authored The Intuit 2020 Report and The Intuit Future of Small Business report series that look at significant trends and forces affecting small businesses and consumers. Follow Emergent Research on Twitter, @smallbizlabs.


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