George Van Valkenburg Leadership Quote

"Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching." - George Van Valkenburg

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Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

Most food truck vendors are their own worst critic. You probably beat yourself up at the smallest perceived failure. So what should you do about [...]

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Walking The Food Truck Owner And Friend Line

It’s not always easy to have friends at work when you own a food truck. The most important owners need to maintain their leadership and [...]

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Help Your Food Truck Staff Develop On The Job

Training staff correctly is essential for any successful food truck. The mobile food industry is a customer contact intensive business. Your food truck employees need to [...]

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Why You Must Be Open To Criticism As A Food Truck Owner

In owning a mobile food business, just as any other food service industry business, critique is often negatively equated with criticism. But being open to [...]

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Know Your Emotions to Better Lead Your Food Truck Staff

Being too emotional can create problems in your food truck business, but it can be far less of a problem than holding back all of [...]

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Hiring People for Your Food Truck Who Disagree With You

The best food truck owners know they need to hear opposing voices. These mobile food vendors hire people who disagree with them so those opposing [...]

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How to Effectively Rally Your Food Truck Troops

When a food truck business is struggling and the morale of your employees is low, it falls on a food truck owner's shoulders to help [...]

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Why You Need To Trust Your Employees

Few things are as powerful as giving your employees your trust. It's an important lesson for anyone running a food truck business because it's so [...]

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Rid Yourself the Excessive Need to Be You

One of the worst habits a food truck owner can have is excusing their behavior with claims like, "That's just the way I am!" Stop [...]

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