Report Highlights Street Vendors And Their Economic Impact

ARLINGTON, VA - Street vending is as American as apple pie. Every day, tens of thousands of vendors make their living on America’s street and [...]

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Portland Food Cart Pod To Be Sued Over Broken Foot

PORTLAND, OR - A woman who claims she broke her foot while standing in line in front of a food cart on a crowded downtown [...]

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How To Beat That Food Truck Parking Ticket

Every municipality has its own parking regulations you need to know while you are operating within their city limits. Ignorance of the law is usually [...]

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Forming A Food Truck LLC

Are you planning to open a food truck business in the future? After you have developed your concept and menu, you will need to start [...]

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Food Trucks Spark Trademark Flare-Ups

A Minnesota food truck operating under the name “Twisted Sister House of Hunger” receives a cease and desist letter from heavy metal band Twisted Sister [...]

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Arlington Looks to Relax Food Truck Regulations

ARLINGTON, TX - Arlington is considering relaxing its strict rules on how food trucks in the city operate. City officials say if they allow food [...]

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Arlington Seoul Food Truck Case Thrown Out of Court

LANHAM, MD - The case against an Arlington based food truck that didn’t move “far enough” was thrown out Monday. An Arlington County judge officially [...]

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Twisted Sister Band Member Chimes in on Food Truck Legal Action

Twisted Sister made headlines last month with talk that they were planning to take legal action against the owner of a Minneapolis food truck over usage of their [...]

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Twisted Sister: Rock Band or Minneapolis Food Truck?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Representatives for the 80's rock band Twisted Sister are demanding a Minneapolis food truck with a similar name, make a change because the [...]

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Food Truck Legalities

Just as any other business, food trucks must follow federal, state and local laws in order to operate and protect the health of their customers [...]

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