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If you are interested in seeing Chicago allow food trucks to prepare gourmet meals on the streets of the Windy City, tonight on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight will be airing a debate on this issue. Gastro-Wagon owner Matt Moroni will step up to the dias in support of a proposed food truck ordinance and will debate members of the Illinois Restaurant Association, who will be on the program to defend the rights of brick and mortar restaurants from having to deal with any additional competition that the mobile food industry may bring.

If you cannot watch the program this evening, you will be able to view the recorded program tomorrow at the WTTW website.

The first season of The Great Food Truck Race is over and the people of Chicago have had their opportunity to learn what numerous cities across the country have known for years; Food trucks and street food can provide a community another avenue to find great tasting, convenient and safe sources for cuisine. For years entrepreneurs have tried and failed to get the city leaders to listen to their requests to ease the stringent city zoning and health department regulations that only allow pre-prepared, pre-packaged foods to be distributed to those of us who frequent the city on a daily basis.

Around the country many mobile food trucks are owned and operated by top chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs from their area. Imagine, spending a Saturday at the lakefront enjoying a savory Rick Bayless dish. Steak, tacos, crawfish, ribs, pulled pork, waffles, sausage, ice cream, kabobs, sushi, egg rolls, or hummus are just a few of the possibilities.

Today we feature a group of Chicago food service professionals who have started a movement online at ChicagoFoodTrucks.com to garner support for an ordinance that will allow mobile food vendors to operate within the city limits of Chicago. Started in May of 2010, founders Matt Maroni and Phillip Foss are leading the way to persuade hold out aldermen to allow mobile food vendors to start serving in-truck prepared meals. An ordinance was proposed by Alderman Scott Waguespack -32nd, and Alderman Vi Daley- 43rd, in July, but it’s now September and nothing has been passed. Even if passed today, it could still take upwards of 120 days before you might see any of the proposed trucks parked along the city streets.

Please visit the site and show your support. We’ll keep you up to date as things change.

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