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As some of you may have noticed (keep the messages coming) we at Mobile Cuisine Magazine have started to profile mobile food vendors from across the country every day during the week. We wanted to test this out and actually started this in the middle of this week.

From the responses we have received so far, you (our readers) are enjoying them. What we plan to do is to provide our readers another profile of a mobile vendor from somewhere around the country daily. We feel that we have plenty of material to cover, and with every week, the list of food trucks and carts keeps growing. At the end of the week we will provide a poll that includes each of the vendors we profile, so that the readers can tell us who they feel is deserving of their Mobile Food Vendor of the Week. The polls will be posted on Friday afternoons, and will run through the following Monday until noon (CST). At that point we will inform the winner and all of our readers, and present the trophy (Sorry folks, it’s only an image of the trophy).

Ok, with all of that said, we can start the polling up. This weeks contestants are (click on them to find their profiles)…

Flirty Cupcakes – Chicago, IL

Brunch Box – Portland, OR

Slow Food Truck – Miami Beach, FL

You may vote for them below.

[poll id=”5″]

If you are an owner of a food vending business and would like to be profiled, please contact us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com. We will setup a time in which we can talk or get some details from you for our profile.

PLEASE NOTE: The contest entry date has been extended for 1 week. All entries must now be submitted no later than Sunday, June 12, 2011 (Noon CST).

With the mobile food industry’s continued growth throughout the country, there appears to be a growing list of people (largely from the restaurant industry) who are becoming disenchanted by the “posers” in the industry. Being original and serving fresh and inexpensive food on the go has been the mantra of the people that have followed these rolling bistros over the last couple of years.

Those who are growing tired of all of the new trucks popping up from Los Angeles to New York appear to have a common complaint, where is the originality? Although in some cases, we do agree with their sentiment, we also feel that many of these new mobile vendors do show their originality. Not all of the possibilities of new concepts have been taken, and to prove this, Mobile Cuisine Magazine is proud to announce our new “Create your own Food Truck Contest”.

Just as any promising entrepreneur who wishes to enter this burgeoning industry must start off with, we are asking our readers to turn on their creative juices and create a concept for your own personal dream food truck.

Items that you must include in your submission:

  • Concept and name of your dream truck
  • A description of the cuisine your truck would serve
  • The name of your signature dish with a detailed description

Items which are not required but will give you creative bonus points:

  • Photo or image of your proposed food truck logo or design (you may download the attached illustrator or pdf files to assist you)
  • Recipe for your signature dish
  • Photo of your signature dish

Once you have developed your concept and created the required submission items, you may send them to us at contest@mobile-cuisine.com. We will accept submissions from now until Sunday, June 5, 2011.

Once we have all of your submissions in, we will create a poll for all of our readers to vote for their favorites. We will use this poll to narrow down the final 5, at which time a panel of industry professionals (tbd) as well as the staff of MCM, will crown our winner.

The winning entry will receive a feature story on it’s creator on this site the title of Best New Food Truck Concept as well as a free Mobile Cuisine Magazine T-shirt.

We look forward to receiving your submissions, should you have any questions, please let us know.

We are finally back. After a long mess of viruses, and programming issues which kept the site down, Mobile Cuisine Magazine is back. We apologize for the delay, but all of the back and forth between us and our service providers we finally solved the problem.  MCM was hacked and a virus was preventing us from updating or even gaining access to the site dashboard.

We have implemented some new protection to protect the site, and hope the inconvenence will be something avoided in the future.

We would also like to thank all of or fans who contacted us during the downtime, your support is greatly appreciated, as we wish to provide you with the best food truck industry website online…and our fans make that possible.

We have some additional tweeks we need to work out, but these are more minor items that are code based, and should be resolved shortly.

Thank you again for your patience,

The Management

It appears as if our poll may have re-ruffled the feathers of Eddie Huang, we found this story at Grub Street San Francisco.

You may recall the kerfuffle over the name ‘Chairman Bao,’ which NYC bao purveyor Eddie Huang (Baohaus) lays claim to as his signature menu item. The Feast now follows up with Huang, who’s still pissed off about the situation these many months later, as the S.F.-based Chairman Bao Truck gets nominated by Mobile Cuisine magazine for Punniest Food Truck Name. Legally, he says he owns the trademark.

“Besides New York, San Francisco’s my favorite city,” Huang says, hinting that he might like to expand here next, hence the ongoing fight. “They can find another name. I could come up with some great names for them… Name it after William Hung… he’s from the Bay Area! He bangs! Long Duk Dong, another great guy…”

You can find the original article <here>

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