Baltimore Council Takes Step To Open City To Food Trucks

BALTIMORE, MD - The Baltimore City Council gave preliminary approval Monday to a bill that would allow the city's growing food truck industry to operate [...]

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Baltimore Food Truck Owners Voice Concern Over Proposed Regs

BALTIMORE, MD - Baltimore food truck owners say they’re worried a bill regulating where they can do business in the city doesn't have enough specifics. [...]

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Sides Compromise For Baltimore County Food Truck Law To Pass

BALTIMORE COUNTRY, MD - An eleventh-hour amendment expanded Baltimore County's food truck pilot program from a Towson-specific endeavor to a countywide measure, the last in a series [...]

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Towson Council Eyes Food Truck Pilot Program

TOWSON, MD - Towson restaurant owners and food truck advocates said during a Baltimore County Council work session Tuesday that they support a proposed bill [...]

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Townson Food Truck Rules Would Place 300 Ft Buffer In Place

TOWNSON, MD - Legislation that clarifies Baltimore County's food truck regulations was introduced to the Baltimore County Council Monday night, and if passed, would allow the [...]

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