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Understanding Vegan Food Truck Customers

It's Monday again, and for today's Meatless Monday coverage we are going to look at individuals who have taken vegetarianism to the next level in their dietary [...]

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Top 5 Protein Sources for a Vegetarian Food Truck Menu

Every week, across the country, more food trucks are joining the Meatless Monday project. Whether they have full on vegetarian menus, or trucks that serve [...]

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Pro Meat Group Attacks Meatless Monday Program

Officials with the Animal Agricultural Alliance say they've contacted lists of participants in Meatless Monday, finding many of them never have been or no longer are [...]

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Vote Now! 2013 Vegetarian/Vegan Food Truck Of The Year

Mobile Cuisine is always proud to provide our readers articles designed to share a multifaceted culinary lifestyle program that is spreading throughout the country and [...]

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10 Tips For Using Your Food Truck Grill On Meatless Monday

Everyday is the perfect time to serve delicious, sizzling meals straight off the grill of your food truck. Meatless grilling is an easy way to share [...]

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US Beef Prices Could Create More Meatless Menu Items

U.S. beef prices jumped to a 10-year high last week as the arrival of warm, dry weather over much of the country could have food [...]

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Meatless Mondays: The Myth of Plant-Based Protein Deficiency

A recent study published in Global Environmental Change shows by cutting meat and dairy consumption by 25 percent, we could reduce two greenhouse gases by 80 percent. So if [...]

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Providing Vegan Desserts From Your Food Truck

We have recently received a number of emails from prospective food truck owners that are interested in starting up a food truck that caters to [...]

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Finding Protein On A Food Truck Without Ordering Meat

Mobile Cuisine Magazine is proud to provide our readers with another article designed to inform them about a multifaceted program that is spreading throughout the [...]

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Meatless Monday Influencing Americans to Cut Back on Meat

Philadelphia, PA - On October 6th, over 8,000 people gathered in Philadelphia for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' 2012 Food & Nutrition Conference (FNCE).  [...]

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