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Millennials Are The Reason Food Trucks Will Continue To Grow

One of the reasons I tell people that food truck are here to stay is that the next generation of consumers (Millennials) is tailor made [...]

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Social Surge: Mobile Food Industry Social Media Amplifier

Mobile Cuisine is happy to announce the launch of our new crowd speaking portal Social Surge. Social Surge is a new mobile food industry social [...]

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How Will ObamaCare Affect the Food Truck Industry?

What do the up coming federal health care reforms mean for the mobile food industry but more specifically, your food truck business?   Will the [...]

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The Food Truck Industry: Protecting our Own

As a sports fan growing up in the Northern suburbs of Detroit, MI, I had the opportunity in the 70’s to latch onto a sport [...]

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How to Use Mobile QR Codes to Increase your Mobile Food Brand Recognition

The mobile food industry has quickly become an industry that spends most of its advertising and marketing time as mobile marketers. QR codes may be [...]

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Food trucks rally, customers in tow

Dearborn, MI — One night each month, the streets of downtown Dearborn come alive with the one-of-a-kind tastes and the flavors of gourmet street food. Photo by: [...]

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Food Truck Business

A common question we are asked by our readers relates to the cost to start a food truck. Many times this question is asked when readers [...]

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The Food Truck Industrial Complex

Business is so good for food truck manufacturer Armenco that the Spring Valley, California-based company is moving to a new factory this fall, where it expects to [...]

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Bioplastics: One Green Solution for the Mobile Food Industry

A great debate over plastic containers and bulging landfills is growing throughout the mobile food industry, to the point that some cities are discussing and [...]

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