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Photograph by: Allen McInnis, The Gazette

MONTREAL, CANADA – The warm weather will come back to Montreal’s streets, and when it does, so will Montreal’s food trucks.

The downtown Ville-Marie borough says the popular food trucks will be back on the streets sometime in May.

“Their creativity and originality not only won over thousands of Montreal, but also contributed to the distinctive character of Montreal’s culinary offerings,” said mayor Denis Coderre in a statement.

The mayor says there will be more choices this year as well.

The food trucks, and the food truck locations, are due to be made known sometime in mid-March.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Boston, Montreal and Kennebunk.

August 2

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsHow One Association Is Leading a Food Truck Revolution – LOS ANGELES, CA – The mobile food industry hasn’t necessarily been welcomed with open arms in many U.S. cities. Food truck operators in places like Washington, DC, and San Francisco are often fighting complicated regulations and zoning requirements that would limit the areas where they could legally operate.

The SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association wants to change that and is working city-by-city to help local food truck operators establish associations and work toward beneficial regulations in their area.

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A.C. food truck wins national contest – ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Mustache Mobile – the food truck run by Mike Hauke of Atlantic City’s Tony Boloney’s – wowed a panel of judges on “LIVE’s Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off” today on LIVE with Kelly and Michael. He won $20,000 and bragging rights.

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August 3

Boston schools launch meals on wheels to reach students – BOSTON, MA – Borrowing a page from the popular commercial food trucks, the Boston School Department is taking its summer food program on the road to bring meals to students.

For the first time Friday, the School Department sent a truck stocked with about 600 lunches to three locations across the city.

The food truck, which does not charge for meals, is the latest addition to the summer program that provides breakfasts and lunches to more than 11,000 young people each day at more than 120 community centers and schools.

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If the city wants food trucks to fail, it should just add some more questionable rules – MONTREAL, CANADA – The good news is we Montrealers finally have street food trucks this summer, after decades when chip wagons were outlawed, like bullfighting arenas.

The bad news is the trucks are run by a city hall-driven bureaucracy with so many rules we’ll be lucky if many survive two summers.

The other night I had a great street taco at the mountain, across from my house — but when I returned for a second one at 10:01 p.m., they couldn’t sell it. City rules demand all trucks close at 10 p.m. sharp, like a camp curfew.

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August 4

Proposed food truck regs go too far – KENNEBUNK, ME  – An ordinance to place restrictions on mobile food vendors in Kennebunk is clearly aimed at the valid goal of protecting the existing businesses in the town, but we agree with some of its detractors that its provisions are overreaching.

A public hearing is slated for Aug. 15 on the proposed mobile food vending ordinance, and it’s sure to be spirited, as even some selectmen have said they do not support all of the ordinance’s provisions.

As proposed, the ordinance would deny a mobile food vendor license to any person who has been incarcerated for a year or more within the past five years; and prohibit operation within 100 feet of a restaurant or other establishment that sells similar products, with the definition being that 40 percent of their products are similar.

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montreal food truck
A street food vendor is seen in the Old Port in Montreal last June.
Photograph by: Marie-France Coallier , Gazette

MONTREAL, CANADA – Selling food on city streets has been illegal in Montreal since 1947. Mayor Michael Applebaum said the time has come to make a change, and therefore ten sites for food trucks will be chosen in the downtown Ville-Marie borough where food trucks will be permitted.

Sound good right? Well, the devil is in the details in the pilot project that will begin June 20.

  • Small carts or trailers, as seen on sidewalks in many cities across North America, will not be allowed.
  • Vendors will have to prepare food in a building where they will pay rent and taxes.
  • A “no junk food” rule has been included, which hasn’t been thoroughly defined, but it’s a good to guess that regular “Junk Food” like hot dogs and poutine may be included.
  • 10 specific, per-determined locations for mobile vendors will be chosen for food truck operation.
  • The trucks must belong to restaurant owners or caterers that are already established in the city.

Additionally the local restaurant association has chimed in with their concerns over allowing food trucks within city limits, the sad part is that since the pilot program only allows existing restaurants or cratering groups to operate the trucks they are already stepping on the toes of their members.

Although commissioner and Ahuntsic-Cartierville councillor Étienne Brunet said, “We wanted to bring Montreal to the same level as the other greatest cities of the world, that all have street food.” we see this program too limiting and not embarrassing the what the food truck revolution is all about.

We love hearing that cities around the world are opening their city street to the mobile street food movement, but when done this haphazardly, the eliminate the opportunities for fledgling culinary entrepreneurs and neglect their constituents ability to choose from a wider array of food options by bowing down to the political pressure issued by restaurant associations.

You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.


This week’s new entries are:

Austin, TX

Guac N Roll

Twitter: @Guac_N_Roll

We’re an all-natural, vegetarian/vegan mobile food truck in Austin TX, rocking the world of guacamole, salsa, tamales, horchata and more.


Boston, MA

The Cookie Monstah

Twitter: @MonstahTruck

We are a Boston based food truck serving homemade cookies and ice cream sandwiches made with love and the best ingredients available. We bake cookies throughout


Boynton Beach, FL

Best French Fries

Twitter: @BestFrenchFries

Best French Fries is a food truck that serves homemade french fries in a cone, with a choice of 20+ dipping sauces.


Detroit, MI

Green Zebra Truck

Twitter: @GreenZebraTruck

Mobile Food Truck on the Streets of Metro Detroit serving New American Street Food

Metro Detroit · http://www.eatgreenzebra.com

Denver, CO


Twitter: @Waffleganger

waffle sandwiches for the masses!


Lexington, KY

Cluckin’ Burger

Twitter: @CluckinBurger


Little Rock, AR

Sugar Shack Sweets

Twitter: @SugarShackSwts

We are Little Rock’s newest and only dessert truck!! Look for us around town and at local festivals! Let us bake you happy~


Livermore, CA

Sweet and Mellow

Twitter: @sweetandmellow1


Marquette, MI

Dia de los Tacos

Twitter: @tacosmqt

A Taco Truck. In Marquette, MI


Montreal, Canada

Lucky’s Truck MTL

Twitter: @LuckysTruckMTL

Lucky’s truck cuisine de rue à Montréal / street food truck in Montreal.


Northwich, England

VAN 29

Twitter: @van29mobileeats

A mobile food truck serving truly, madly, tasty treats any time or place in the UK! see website for more details


Orlando, FL

Curbside Chef

Twitter: @curbsidechef

Goat Cheese Ravioli with Basil Oil, Adobo Chicken Taco, to Filipino Adobo, to Falafel, Chinese Pan Fry Dumplings and Steamed Buns, and Vanilla Flan and S’mores

The Pastrami Project

Twitter: @pastramiproject

What Central Florida needs is the perfect Pastrami sandwich! It is my personal goal to create authentic New York sandwiches and bring them to the streets.


San Francisco, CA

The Slider Shack

Twitter: @slidershacksf

We are a mobile food truck that specializes in delicious sliders with an island flair.



If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com


MONTREAL, CANADA – In Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and of course New York street food vendors have been allowed for years. Once upon a time, they were allowed here too, and now the city is thinking of bringing them back.


The city has opened public consultations on whether they should be brought back to the streets since they were banned in 1947.

Jean Lefebvre is the vice-president of the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association for Quebec. He says while some restaurant owners are worried about their possible return most of his members would welcome them back.

“It’s a very competitive environment in the restaurant business, so I think we will be able to cope with it,” he says. “Our recommendation is that Montreal set up a pilot project like they did in other cities. We can’t jump into this with 300 food trucks at once. We need to move slowly but surely.”

He is also recommending that a food truck not be allowed to set up shop within 60 metres of an existing restaurant. It would also have to follow the same rules as a restaurant when it comes to obtaining a permit, safety and food regulations, and so on.

The consultations continue next week. If the city gives the green light you can be taking a bite out of a hot dog or a pizza on the street by next summer.

Find the original article by Laura Casella at cjad.com <here>


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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Charlotte, Port Jervis, Baltimore, Bozeman, Montreal and Houston.

June 22

How to tell if a food truck has been inspected by officials – CHARLOTTE, NC. – Now that summer is here, more and more people are out at events and tempted to grab a bite to eat from a local food truck.

At a food truck rally in Charlotte’s South End a woman named Ashley was pondering a choice from a line of seven trucks.

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Common Council debates future of Port mobile vendors – Port Jervis, NY – As Port Jervis business owners struggle in a weak economy, Common Council members on the Code Committee have wrestled with how to regulate pushcarts and food trucks on public property — and come to no decision.

So last week, they held a special workshop meeting attended by both mobile vendors and owners of brick-and-mortar businesses.

Find the entire article <here>

June 23

In battle of food trucks, Baltimore bests D.C. – Baltimore, MD – On Friday night, it was the 29-year-old right-hander Jason Hammel pitching Baltimore on to victory over Washington to open a weekend series.

Leading Baltimore over D.C. on a scorching Saturday afternoon was a three-year old food truck named the Gypsy Queen.

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Food truck owners face potential increase in laws and fees – Bozeman, MT – Street Food vendors may see some additional laws and fees tacked onto their businesses after Monday night’s Bozeman City Commission meeting.

Some of the issues sure to come up are where these food trucks are allowed to park, how far away they need to be from restaurants and schools, noise levels, outdoor seating, and hours of operation.

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June 24

Street food laws might finally be changing in Montreal – Montreal, Canada – The opposition municipal party Vision Montreal proposed on June 18 a motion at city council to legalize street food all year long, and last week city councilor Richard Deschamps opened a public consultation on the subject. Since then Facebook pages and bloggers’ comments are everywhere; the debate is open.

Valérie Impala co-owns Lucky’s Truck which, like all the other food trucks in Quebec, is under the jurisdiction of the Ministère de l’Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation du Québec. The MAPAQ has begun issuing sanitary certificates and last week food trucks around the city became eligible to receive accreditation.

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Food truck chefs get the Grand Prize – Houston, TX – Food and alcohol: They’ve gone together since the ancient men left their caves, squinted up at the sunlight and grabbed a few nuts and berries to wash down the fermented Jaegermeister that was in their goatskin bota bag. (This is a completely accurate picture of ancient times. I’m a history major, you can trust me.)

Since then we’ve come a long way, from beer nuts to bar menus to bars working with food trucks to sell their wares to the hungry drunk people.

Now Grand Prize Bar, which was one of the first in Houston to engage with food trucks and their chefs, is taking this partnership to the next level by inviting a rotating crew of chefs out of their trucks and into the GPB kitchen.

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