Jon Favreau Chef Quote

“Chefs are the most impatient perfectionists I’ve ever met and people love them for it. That’s what leads to perfection and pride.” – Jon Favreau

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Jon Favreau

"The thing that draws a chef to open a food truck is what drew me to doing a film like this. You have to answer [...]

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Choi Gives Favreau’s “Chef” Food Truck Street Cred

LOS ANGELES, CA - Most successful filmmakers don't go back to school in the midst of their careers. But at 47, Jon Favreau decided that [...]

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Favreau Trades In Iron Man For Food Truck In New Movie

Reuters - Actor, director and screenwriter Jon Favreau traded the high-flying super hero antics of his "Iron Man" movies for a quieter new film about [...]

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Jon Favreau’s Food Truck Movie Photos Released

LOS ANGELES, CA - Jon Favreau tweeted out some behind the scene footage of his upcoming movie Chef which is about a chef who opens up his [...]

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Robert Downey Jr Trades in Iron Man Suit for a Food Truck

Robert Downey Jr.'s future in the Marvel Universe may be in doubt, but that's not stopping him from starting work on a new project. And [...]

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Mobile Cuisine Food Truck Movie Sneak Peek: Free Samples

What could be better than ice cream? How about free ice cream? Or how about an interview and an exclusive trailer from the indie film [...]

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Harold and Kumar go Food Truckin’

BURBANK, CA - To get a head start on the spirit of holiday giving and celebrate the November 4th theatrical release of New Line Cinema’s “A [...]

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