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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry we have compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Orange County, Columbus, North Andover and Rochester.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsFebruary 28

O.C. food trucks driven to push past the trend – ORANGE COUNTY,CA - Four years ago, the Orange County food truck scene exploded. As the novelty wears off, the mobile eateries are fighting to remain profitable and relevant.

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March 1

Food Trucks May Soon Be Serving On Columbus Streets Again – COLUMBUS, OH - The Central Ohio Food Truck Association says there have been breakthroughs over the past 48 hours for the booming food truck industry.

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Food truck rules debated by Selectmen – NORTH ANDOVER, MA - New proposed bylaws for North Andover regulating the operations of mobile food vendors have become a point of contention among business owners, the Board of Selectmen and even the Mobile Food Regulation Committee itself.

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March 2

Food Truck Owners Await New City Legislation – ROCHESTER, NY - The cold has Le Petit Poutine on hiatus.

That’s the Canadian french fry comfort food truck in Rochester.

As the snow melts, food truck owners hope the city will cook up good changes for their businesses.

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ORANGE COUNTY, CA - It was an early morning on the West Coast when I first spoke with Chef Piaggio.  The fog hanging over the road was slowing giving way to the California sun.

“I live for my business,” Chef Piaggio told me, as he drove his award-winning food truck through Orange County.  “I’m really into what I do. For me, it’s fun. I like what I do, like meeting people, and I like taking care of them.”


While Piaggio has been taking care of people with his uniquely crafted Argentine cuisine for nearly three decades, the manner by which his empanadas, tacos, chimichurri and other gourmet dishes are served has changed dramatically in recent years.

“Just before I entered the food truck business, I had a restaurant for seven years,” he said. “It was right downtown, full bar with 44 employees. We did really well from 2003-07, but then the economy started going down.

Finally, in 2009, I had to make one of the toughest decisions of my life.  On November 8, I decided to close my restaurant. Then, by November 21, I started my food truck.”

The vision born was Piaggio Gourmet on Wheels—Orange County, California’s first and only Argentine Food Truck. It would soon become one of the most successful food trucks in the United States.

“The main reason we had to close the restaurant was the overhead”, he explained. “We had $12,000 per month in rent, and with the volume we were doing, I couldn’t carry that cost any longer.

I entered the Food Truck Industry without knowing anything about it, but I was fortunate to meet with some friends who helped me figure things out quickly.”

Despite the challenges involved with the decision to close his restaurant, Piaggio says that he would not go back and change a thing even if he could.

“It’s been almost four years since we started and now I own two trucks. It’s probably been the most rewarding enterprise I’ve ever been involved with in all these years.

Operating my Food Truck allows me to do what I like, what I love, and what I know, with a much smaller team than I used to have. It’s less people for me to manage, and more of an opportunity to focus on my work in the kitchen.”

As opposed to the 44-person staff that Chef Piaggio was responsible for at his restaurant, for example, his team on-board the food truck now includes only a handful of people.

“I usually work with one or two cooks on a daily basis,” he explained. “My wife is running one of the trucks and I am running the other one. So I have a couple cooks on each truck, as well as a team of people who help at special events with large volume. On a regular day, though, we’re capable of doing a lot of work, a lot of orders, between the cooks and myself.”

Piaggio Gourmet on Wheels has developed a vibrant social media following as a result of their efforts over the years as well. Their Twitter Account, for example, @PiaggioOnWheels, has over four thousand followers.

“That is my wife on our Twitter,” he added. “She handles the marketing of the truck, the social media, tweeting out our schedule, letting people know where we will be on a given day. I do some of the Facebook posts, but she is the one who does the Tweeting.”

This article was written by Brendan Bowers

Find out more about Piaggio on Wheels and why they switched from Square to EMS+ <here>

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chomp chomp nation food truckORANGE COUNTY, CA - I’ve always been curious about what happens behind the scenes of food shows, especially Guy Fieri’s” Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

How much time does the spiky-haired, bleached blond really spend in the kitchen with the house chef? Is Fieri as personable off camera as he is on? How do you get on the show?

I got my answers in December when I watched the taping of a “Triple D” show featuring Orange County food truck Chomp Chomp Nation. The influential program, which has put dozens of small-town restaurants on the map, tapped Chomp Chomp after a “secret eater” sampled its exotic, Indonesian-inspired fare last year.

“The food caught their eye,” owner Gina Galvan said.

Galvan and her husband, Robert Zuetell, invited me to watch Fieri’s crew tape segments in Santa Ana and Compton. (More on Compton later.) We couldn’t publicize details of the shoot then. Producers don’t want Fieri fans to know his whereabouts for fear of a mob scene.

But now we can spill the beans. Chomp Chomp’s crab and lamb burgers will become famous come Monday when the show airs. The truck is in rare company. Only two other Orange County food establishments, Paul’s Coffee Shop in Fountain Valley and Mama Cozza’s in Anaheim, have been featured on the popular Food Network show.

“It was more fun than I expected,” Galvan said of the whirlwind experience.

Find the entire article with show spoiler by Nancy Luna at the OC Register <here>

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You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.

Il Forno Vagabondo

This week’s new entries are:

Alberta, Canada

Il Forno Vagabondo

Twitter: @FornoVagabondo

Scratch made Neapolitan pizza in a wood-fired oven coming your way in a FOOD TRUCK.

Charlotte, NC

American Way Grill

Twitter: @americanwayfood

The american food truck that serves your delicious chicken and waffles.


Columbus, OH

Schmidt’s Food Truck

Twitter: @SausageTruck

Taking 126 years of authentic German hospitality (@schmidtscbus) and serving it up on the road. Honk if you love real German food!


Miami, FL

Rebel Grill Inc.

Twitter: @RebelGrillInc

Rebel Grill is here to make its mark! We hope to bring out a Rebel in everyone we serve!


New Brunswick, NJ

Souper Van

Twitter: @SouperVan

Alleviating hunger one bowl at a time. So many of our items are or can be made Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Halal…you name it!


Orange County, CA

Gobbles and Oinks

Twitter: @GobblesandOinks

In the process of building a food truck business, specializing in turkey and pork yummies.


Philadelphia, PA

Joe Spuds

Twitter: @JoeSpuds1

Gourmet Burger and Fry Food Truck. Joe is coming to a town near you!!!!!

Portage, MI

Coffee Rescue

Twitter: @CoffeeRescue1

Locally roasted and perfectly brewed with pure filtered reverse osmosis water. Absolutely the best coffee ever. And yes, its brewed in a converted ambulance.


San Antonio, TX

Gourmet On The Fly

Twitter: @GourmetOnTheFly

Toronto, Canada


Twitter: @mmmBAPto

A delicious, modern take on classic Korean comfort food.

Washington DC

Ducky’s Grub

Twitter: @DuckysGrub

A food truck fleet serving the Northern Virginia/D.C area. Serving people great food with great service.



If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com



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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Boston, Orange County, Buffalo, Wichita and Nashville.

OTW Logo

October 5

For food truck festival organizers, the events are high-gear affairs – Boston, MA - Wrapped in a black-and-white checkered fleece blanket, Anne-Marie Aigner zoomed around in her golf cart at Suffolk Downs in the early hours of a recent Saturday, barking orders at everyone and everything — including the threatening sky.

“You will cooperate,” Aigner scolded as she glanced at the gray, misting clouds.

She had been up up since 4:30 a.m., attending to the many details involved in pulling off the latest Food Truck Festivals of New England event. Aigner launched the start-up last year with her partner, Janet Prensky, and says three decades of event-planning didn’t prepare them for the complexities of food truck feasts. It’s like creating a giant gourmet food court on wheels, with too many cooks in too-small kitchens and hungry customers with seemingly insatiable appetites.

Find the entire article <here>

Food trucks are fundraisers for some O.C. schools – Orange County, CA - San Clemente High School invites the public to ‘Food Truck Mondays’ on campus to help fund the music program. Canyon High in Anaheim and Foothill High in Santa Ana have similar events, and Trabuco Hills in Mission Viejo will soon.

Find the entire article <here>

October 6

Food Truck Contest Rolls On – Buffalo, NY - A local food truck competition that was at risk of being cancelled turned out to be a great success Saturday.

At first, Buffalo’s Best Food Truck contest was in jeopardy because vendors didn’t get proper permits, according to Amherst Town law.

Besides the grub, the food contest was set up to help Buffalo’s City Mission, a well-known charity that helps families in need with some of the basics, like food and shelter. This benefit could’ve been cancelled if it wasn’t for a Boulevard Mall business stepping up.

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Food Trucks Roll into Wichita – Wichita, KS - It’s an idea gaining popularity across the nation: Taking a restaurant, putting it on four wheels – and making it mobile. Now, the food truck craze is rolling into Wichita.

Summer Schoenhals has always wanted to own her own restaurant. “I’m passionate about it. This is what we want to do,” Summer said. When finances ran short, inspiration from a TV show gave her the idea to start a food truck.

Find the entire article <here>

October 7

Vanderbilt brings food trucks to Greek Row – Nashville, TN - Food trucks have staked out a permanent place right next to Greek Row, and just in time for Family Weekend, but what a long, strange trip it’s been to get there.

Vanderbilt Student Government partnered with event management company Wanderland Urban Food Park on an initiative that will bring Nashville food trucks to the corner of Vanderbilt Place and 24th Avenue starting this weekend. The space has been initially scheduled for two four-hour shifts on Friday night from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. and then three shifts on Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.

ScareCrow Truck

This week’s new entries are:

Bangor, ME

Cielo’s Truck

Twitter: @cielostruck

Bangor’s first Mexican Grill on wheels. A new Food Truck is coming to town mid July 2012. Get ready!


Derby, CT

Smoke & Bones BBQ

Twitter: @smokebonesbbq

Serving authentic smoked BBQ, fresh fried seafood, Po Boys, & fried chicken. Dine In or Take Out and enjoy our food served fast, but cooked sloooow…


Los Angeles, CA

Pineapple Express

Twitter: @SamChoysPX

I’m delighted to bring the dishes of Hawaii to the Mainland From my Poke to Kalua Pork were gonna give you More Hula For Your Moolah


Miami, FL

Miami Spice Grill

Twitter: @MiamiSpiceGrill

we are a FoodTruck serving Miami & the South Florida Area.


New York, NY

Toum NYC

Twitter: @ToumNYC

Toum NYC serves up delicious Lebanese eats!

Orange County, CA

Scarecrow Truck

Twitter: @scarecrowtruck

Scarecrow is a OC food truck that is haunting the streets of SoCal Hunting for people that hunger for a old school farm approach to a progressive American menu


Orlando, FL

Eclectic Kitchen

Twitter: @T_Eclectic

Mobile Food Truck

Toronto, Canada

Gourmet Gringos

Twitter: @GourmetGringos

Gourmet Gringos is the first authentic Latin food truck to hit the Toronto streets. Coming to a curb side near you very soon!!!!



If you are aware of any new rolling bistros, please let us know so that we can add them to our weekly listing of new food trucks as they hit the streets near you. Email us at MFV@mobile-cuisine.com


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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Westchester, Orange County, Whitehall, Tulsa, South Florida and Bismark.

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Aug 3

A Summer Crop of Mobile Cuisine – Westchester, NY - The food truck trend has been slow to take off in Westchester. We’re a car culture, and most food trucks rely on foot traffic. This summer, though, a few mobile entrepreneurs have set their parking brakes in strategic spots around Westchester County and are dishing out some very fine food.

Find the entire article <here>

State gives food-truck owners indigestion – Orange Country, CA - Many businesses work on a thin profit margin. An overzealous tax assessment could mean the difference between being in business and being closed for good. The state might collect a little more at the risk of a business owner’s livelihood, but it will kill jobs, and potential tax revenue in the process.

For catering trucks, this problem is especially pronounced.

Find the entire article <here>

Aug 4

Whitehall tries food trucks to draw residents outside – Whitehall, OH - Whitehall officials want to bring more people into the city, and they’re targeting the hungry ones.

For the first time, the city will work with local food trucks for National Night Out, as part of a new campaign to become “a new Whitehall,” said Lindsey Wright, community affairs coordinator for the city. The event, held in cities across the country, is an annual block party or cookout that focuses on anti-crime programs and is a chance for public-safety personnel to mingle with residents.

Find the entire article <here>

Tulsa Food Truck Festival in the works – Tulsa, OK - Mitch Neely, owner and operator of the Grub Truck, said Saturday that he is working to organize a food truck festival in Tulsa.

Find the entire article <here>

Aug 5

Late-night menu options growing in South Florida – South Florida - It’s midnight. You’re out on the town, and suddenly the hunger pangs hit you hard.

You don’t want to hit a fast-food joint. You don’t want greasy. You want something better.

From trendy eateries with late-night menus to gourmet food trucks, your choices are growing across South Florida, making that fourth meal option easier to stomach.

Find the entire article <here>

Food on the go popular in Bismarck-Mandan – Bismark, ND - Food on the go remains as popular as ever, and the Bismarck-Mandan community now has mobile food trucks and carts providing fast alternatives.

New to the Bismarck-Mandan community are the Kroll’s bright purple food truck, Fireflour Pizza, a “mom and pop” mobile wood fired pizza caterer, and Dakota Shave Ice, a shave ice stand.

Find the entire article <here>


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ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Enjoy the tasty grub from The Grilled Cheese Truck, Grill ‘Em All and Greasy Wiener? Sorry, but you’ll soon have to drive to Los Angeles County to get some, thanks to a countywide crackdown by OC health officials.

Many LA-based luxe loncheras like the trio mentioned above frequent Orange County regularly, feeding flocks of hungry customers at the OC Fair’s weekly food truck stops. But according to The Orange County Register, these trucks have been operating on temporary permits that will soon expire. In order to continue doing business in OC, the trucks must obtain state-issued mobile food facility permits, which would require many to make costly kitchen upgrades. (In Los Angeles, the trucks can continue to operate under grandfathered permits.)
For food truck owners, it’s just not worth it.
“This is it. We’re done,” Grilled Cheese Truck chef/owner Michele Grant told The Register, referring to their time in OC.
Find the entire article by ocweekly.com <here>

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Food-truck shooting

Forensics personnel work inside a food truck where a woman was fatally shot overnight on Colonial Drive.

ORANGE COUNTY, FL - The men who killed a 65-year-old food truck worker during an attempted robbery remain on the loose.

Mireya Maria Averado was working at The Arepera Solita truck that was parked in front of The Window Tinting Shop, 5021 E. Colonial Drive when she was shot and killed early Sunday, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The truck has become a makeshift memorial where grievers have placed flowers, candles and notes to the slain woman.

Deputies say two Hispanic or black male suspects were seen running from the truck after the shooting. Investigators think the suspects were attempting to rob the victim.

Hours after the fatal shooting, truck owners who meet for the monthly food truck bazaar at Fashion Square Mall, gathered money to donate to Averado’s family. Patrons were asked to do the same thing by placed donations in envelopes attacked to the food trucks.

It’s unclear how much money was raised.

“As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to do something,” Mark Baratelli, creator of the traveling Food Truck Bazaar, said Sunday. “I don’t know her, but we’re gonna help.”

Baratelli said the gourmet, ethnic, barbecue and dessert trucks at Sunday night’s event “typically work in groups and not during those late-night hours.” Other trucks that work more independently on Orange Blossom Trail and Semoran Boulevard, or State Road 436, often stay open late.

Investigators have released little information about the fatal shooting but say they are tracking down leads in the case.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Crimeline at 407-423-8477. Tipsters can remain anonymous and earn up to a $5,000 reward.

Find the original article by David Damron at Sun-sentinal.com <here>

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Ferndale, Boston, Chicago, Sacramento, San Bernadino and Orange County.


April 20

Ferndale seeks right recipe to control food trucks – FERNDALE, MI - A new ordinance is in the works to turn down the heat on a simmering disagreement between downtown Ferndale restaurants owners and food truck operators.

City Council members are again taking up the issue Monday after a number of downtown business owners objected to a food vendor ordinance officials were set to enact last month.

Find the entire article <here>

Food Truck Fest organizers move events to neighboring states – BOSTON, MA - Organizers of a series of food truck festivals planned for this summer and fall have changed some of the festivals’ locations in order to bring the trucks to neighboring states.

Food Truck Festivals of New England, which had planned 11 food truck festivals across Massachusetts, has moved one festival to New Hampshire and another to Rhode Island.

Find entire article <here>

April 21

Tribune Unearths 2010 Illinois Restaurant Association Food Truck Documents – CHICAGO, IL - On Monday, the Tribune reported that Mayor Emanuel’s office is working with Alderman Tom Tunney on a new proposed food truck ordinance, but neither office would share any details about what was in the new proposal or when it would be introduced. Yesterday, the paper ran a piece that highlighted notes from an August 2010 meeting between 19 members of the Illinois Restaurant Association’s (IRA) Government Relations Committee, which includes Tunney:

The IRA verified the authenticity of the document but said it didn’t represent the IRA’s official position. The Tribune is still waiting to hear back about which, if any, of the committee’s specific recommendations the IRA still supports.

Find the entire article <here>

“SactoMoFo” Event Is Called Big Success – SACRAMENTO, CA - The fourth annual SactoMoFo event was declared a rousing success by organizers of the food event.

Twenty-seven food trucks brought their gourmet offerings to a shaded parking lot under the W-X freeway on Saturday.

A dozen of the trucks came from the Bay Area, adding to the wide variety of food.

Find the entire article <here>

April 22

Variety the spice at Route 66 Food Truck Fest – SAN BERNADINO, CA - Anthony Frederick made the long trek from Calabasas to Upland on Sunday to take his daughter to a dance recital. But something only another half-hour east made the trip to the Inland Empire even sweeter.

Frederick, a fan of food truck festivals, couldn’t resist stopping by San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino, where the city held its first Route 66 Food Truck Fest.

“It’s the variety all in one spot, and the creativity,” he said. “You can’t go wrong with a peanut butter, jelly, bacon and egg sandwich.”

Find the entire article <here>

Food truck operators on alert after slaying – ORANGE COUNTY, FL - Food truck operators began collecting donations for the family of a 65-year-old food truck operator killed by two men during a robbery.

Orange County deputies said Mireya Averado was shot inside her food truck that was parked along East Colonial Drive near Semoran Boulevard at about 2:30 a.m. Sunday. She was one of the many lone food trucks that have been mainstays along Semoran and Orange Blossom Trial for years.

Averado ran food truck late at night and many of her customers trickled over from Oblivion nightclub next door.

Find the entire article <here>


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