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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Tampa, Peoria, Sacramento, Houston, Portland and Chapel Hill.

June 15

‘Man vs. Food’ Star Brings Food Truck to South Tampa – Tampa, FL – Kentucky Honey Tea Sliders anyone? For those not yet in the know, Tampa Bay is being sought after as a premier food city.

Travel Channel food celebrity Adam Richman, best known for “Man vs. Food,” has teamed with Red Stag by Jim Beam to offer an unusual food truck tour that features a menu designed by Richman himself.

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3 Food Trucks Is 3 Too Many for Peoria – Peoria, IL – Looks like the fine folks of Peoria won’t be chowing down on kimchi tacos anytime soon. This week, the city council of the Illinois metropolis voted down a proposal to offer three (three!) permits to food truck operators. It’s not like the trucks were going to be allowed to run wily nilly around the city.

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June 16

New Facebook Feature Upsets Marketing Plans of Local Businesses – Sacramento, CA – A few months ago small business owners were pounding their keyboards, concerned about Facebook’s ‘timeline’ switch upsetting their marketing plans.

Now another new Facebook feature’s got some users perturbed right here in the Sacramento area.

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Get to know Houston food trucks – Houston, TX – It’s a school bus, it’s a delivery van, no, it’s a food truck. Taco trucks have long been a part of Houston food culture, but these days gourmet food mobiles are taking to the streets by the dozens. Between the gumbo, Mexican-Korean fusion and meat on a stick, it’s hard to know where to start. Just follow your belly’s lead.

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June 17

Food Truck Reality Show Shoots in Maine – Portland, ME – Food Trucks are currently illegal in the Portland, but the city made an exception this weekend for a Food Network reality show.

The Great Food Truck Race is shooting its season finale in Portland. This season, the show has chefs who are trying to break into the food truck business competing to win a food truck of their own. The top two teams rolled into town Saturday night, and Sunday they went head to head on Commercial Street to try to get the most customers. The show’s executive producer says Portland is one of three New England locations for the finale. Stopping in Boston was a given, but producers were surprised when they found out how much culinary culture Maine had to offer.

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CHTC Member Set To Petition For Food Truck Regulation Changes – Chapel Hill, NC – The Chapel Hill Town Council passed an ordinance allowing food trucks to do business within certain boundaries that took place March 1.

Since it took effect, no one has applied for a permit and the general consensus is that the fees and regulations are not worth it. Council member Lee Storrow says he is going to propose a change.

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PEORIA, IL – Short sighted politicians have struck again. This time in Peoria, IL. Last night with a 6-5 vote, the cities City Council disapproved an ordinance which would have allowed food trucks to begin operate in within the city limits.


The ordinance, which if approved, would have charged truck operators $3,400 to serve food at approved locations within the Warehouse District, in front of the Peoria Civic Center and along Hamilton Boulevard next to the Peoria County Courthouse. The fee was $1,000 less for truck operators who already own a restaurant.

Outside the Downtown area, the ordinance restricted food trucks from being within 200 feet of existing restaurants. It also established a 500-foot restriction on food trucks from schools, carnivals, festivals and other special events.

While the fees and parking restrictions were way out of balance compared to most municipalities around the country, if it had been approved, it would have allowed mobile food vendors to begin operating.

Those who voted against the ordinance seem to be missing the point of the mobile food industry and this point appears to be proven by a comment made by the Mayor himself. According to Mayor Jim Ardis, “The existing brick and mortar business people have to pay for air conditioning when its 100 degrees out and pay for heat when it’s 10 below. The mobile vendor keeps his truck in the garage.”

Had the mayor really took the time to investigate the issue, he would have realized that when a food truck is parked inside a garage due to inclement weather, the food truck isn’t doing business. But why would that matter? The mayor is too concerned with protecting one business model (brick and mortar restaurants) from another (food trucks). The last time I checked, that wasn’t the role of local government.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the city representatives who voted down this ordinance, you can find their contact information below:


Jim Ardis: JArdis@ci.peoria.il.us

Council Members

Gary Sandberg: illeone@aol.com

Bill Spears: wspears@ci.peoria.il.us

Dan Irving: dirving@ci.peoria.il.us

Clyde Gulley: cgulley@ci.peoria.il.us

Eric Turner: weturner@ci.peoria.il.us


In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Nevada County, Peoria, Athens, Jacksonville, Minneapolis and Sydney Australia.

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Mar 30

Food Truck Fest to raise money for nonprofits – NEVADA COUNTY, CA – A food truck festival is being planned for the end of June to capitalize on the gourmet food truck craze and raise money for local causes, including the Food Bank, at the same time.

The Enough to Spare & Share Food Truck Food Festival is set from noon until 6 p.m. June 30, at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley. This is a first-of-its kind event in Nevada County that will include 24 gourmet trucks representing every type of cuisine, including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

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Food Truck Vendors Could Soon Set Up Shop in Peoria – PEORIA, IL – A new city ordinance could soon bring a new style of food vendor to the streets of Peoria.

Next month, the Peoria city council will vote on a new city ordinance that would allow food truck vendors to sell on city streets with a permit.

Wendy Hauk-Glissan is a food cart vendor in downtown Peoria. Now that the weather is nice, she’s excited to start serving customers.

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Mar 31

Food carts show potential beyond hot dogs – ATHENS, GA – Grabbing a hotdog from a downtown stand is a pretty speedy experience – add mustard, ketchup or relish and split.

But the organizers of the Food Cart Fest have a different type of food-on-the-go in mind: cuisine, sold quick and on the street.

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Food truck vendors hope to help revitalize Downtown Jacksonville – JACKSONVILLE, FL – Jacksonville city leaders want to revitalize Downtown and a group of local food vendors thinks they can help.

Metro Jacksonville hosted the ‘Food Truck Championships’ at the Bold City Brewery Saturday. The event doubled as a rally to get the city to allow more food trucks downtown. Organizers say food trucks are an easy, cost effective way to get small businesses going and draw more people to the city’s core.

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Apr 1

Food trucks finding their way to suburbs – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Food trucks, already a staple in Minneapolis and St. Paul, are starting to turn up in the suburbs, including at least two south-metro vendors.

One of the newest in the mobile food marketplace is R.A. MacSammy’s, run by Kevin Huyck, a longtime chef from Apple Valley. He opened this year with a small customer base in St. Paul and recently made his first suburban foray into Burnsville.

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Taking it to the streets – Sydney, Australia – It’s certainly not a new concept. We all remember buying ice creams as a kid from Mr Whippy, Adelaideans have had the pie cart (famous for the pie floater) since 1840 and Sydneysiders have enjoyed late night pies from Harry’s Cafe de Wheels since the great depression. In the past, food trucks have only ever been seen as a late night drunken food option or a good excuse for an ice cream when My Whippy plays his tune – but not anymore. Food trucks are popping up all over the country, dishing up culinary delights for lunch, dinner and of course late night munchies.

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