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Overloaded and overwhelmed is the norm in the mobile food industry these days. Most food truck owners feel they have too many conflicting priorities. But research has shown that the more these vendors have to do, the less their mobile bistro earns. In fact, high-performing food trucks have owners who focus on high-priority opportunities, not everything under the sun.

Stop asking: How can I find more opportunities? Instead try: How can I focus on opportunities that will help my food truck business excel? Know what you are best at (daily truck stops, catering, etc.) the capabilities you have that others don’t, and focus where you can succeed. Learn to say no when an invitation to new parking location or to cater an event may seem appealing, but does offer you a real chance to win.

When was the last time you looked at how you allocate your time? Most food truck owners assume they dedicate more hours to strategic work than they actually do. Look back on the past month in your calendar. Add up the time you spent on your strategic priorities for your food truck business. Was it enough? In most cases you see that it was less than you thought. That’s because most mobile food business owners tend to do the most urgent things instead of the most meaningful things.

Identify your top five priorities for your food truck business in the upcoming year, and each month make sure you spend plenty time on those priorities. If you don’t, it’s time to build in time for the things that matter to improving your food truck empire.


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