Food Trucks Cause Restaurant Closings: The Big Lie

Restaurant closings happen on a daily basis. This is the hard part of starting a dining establishment, but where is the proof that food trucks […]

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Staying Competitive In The Mobile Food Industry

Running a food truck has a lot of challenges; dealing with the competition and staying competitive is one of the biggest ones.

Food trucks exist in markets […]

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Provo Restaurants Want Food Trucks Out Of Downtown

PROVO, UT – Laws already on the books make it so mobile food vendors can’t park on Center Street and University Avenue. However, Provo restaurant […]

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Crony Capitalism And The Mobile Food Industry

Over the last four years we have continually covered stories of restaurant owners that have lobbied their local politicians to try and rid themselves of […]

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Knoxville Restaurant Owners Claim Downtown is Theirs

KNOXVILLE, TN – Downtown restaurant owners are fighting against food trucks near their establishments.

The Downtown Knoxville Restaurant Owners group formed after the city announced they […]

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Study Shows Food Trucks Not a Threat to Restaurants

Since food trucks appeared on the restaurant scene their perceivable threat to brick-and-mortar restaurants has been widely debated, and a recent survey conducted by The […]

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Irrational Fears Keep Food Trucks Out of Charles County

CHARLES COUNTY, MD – The Charles County commissioners rejected a resolution that would have permitted food trucks in the county after local restaurant owners spoke […]

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Akron Restaurants Latest to Fear Food Truck Growth

AKRON, OH – Officials in Akron aren’t exactly eating up the food-truck craze.

The president of the city council in Akron said Monday that a committee will look into food trucks and […]

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White Castle the Latest Chain to Open a Food Truck

White Castle is getting ready to serve its square-shaped sliders on wheels with the planned launch later this month of two food trucks in Louisville, […]

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New Food Truck Concept Rolls Into San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Food trucks aren’t exactly new, but most only have one specific type of cuisine — even if that cuisine just happens […]

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