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ROCHESTER, NY – If you think food trucks are new, Richard Gigliotti of Greece will give you some perspective.

As an 18-year-old student at Syracuse University, he would frequently buy a late-night egg sandwich from a truck parked in front of his dorm. The sandwich was good, but what really drew him was seeing the workers inside having a lot of fun. Gigliotti decided then and there that he too would some day own a food truck.

That dream finally came true last year. Papa Gig’s has joined the new wave of mobile vendors who are reviving street food through colorful truck makeovers, traditional and inventive menus and habitual use of social media.

“It’s even more fun than I thought it would be,” says the 64-year-old retired biology teacher.

Today, food trucks feed downtown workers, the late-night bar crowd, festival- and concert-goers, farmers market customers and concert-goers as well as parking at several events focused solely on mobile food. Capitalizing on the success of the Food Truck Rodeos at the Rochester Public Market, additional food truck convoys are planned for Avon, Farmington, Pittsford and the Genesee Brew House. Several Rochester-area trucks plan to travel to Buffalo for that city’s Food Truck Tuesdays.

The city’s food truck pilot program has been expanded and extended to the end of this year, adding eight more approved center city locations. The city is also likely to approve an increase in the number of times a truck can vend at a private business or nonprofit from two to 60.

Members of the Rochester Food Truck Alliance are still pushing City Council to approve vending on residential property, says Lizzie Clapp, co-owner of Le Petit Poutine. Those revisions could go to City Council next month.

“It has been a slow progression,” says Clapp, who started her business in 2011.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry we have compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Atmore, Rochester, Burlington and Philadelphia.

OTW Logo food truck newsMarch 21

Wind Creek Hospitality Develops a New Recipe for Promoting Alabama Food – ATMORE, AL – On March 21st, Wind Creek Hospitality (WCH) will launch the first of a new wave of initiatives aimed at promoting great food in Alabama as its custom-built food truck leaves the Northeast and begins the trek to its new home in Wetumpka.

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March 22

Food Truck Rule Change – ROCHESTER, NY – Mobile eaters have welcomed the concept of tasty bites served out of trucks, but food truck owners say city regulations in Rochester have made it a bumpy ride. “The market itself is great,” said Arthur Rothfuss, owner of “Hello Arepa,” “working with the city has not always been very easy.”

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March 23

Burlington adopts food truck ordinance – BURLINGTON, NC – Burlington has adopted a food truck ordinance last week, which differs slightly from the proposal the Planning & Economic Development Department presented to the city council last month.

The operation of food trucks will be regulated by a “Food Trucks” section added to the code of ordinances’ chapter 26, “Peddlers.”

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Food Truck Events Help Grow Small Businesses, Support Local Economy – PHILADELPHIA, PA – Following the success of The Food Trust’s Night Market Philly food truck events, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) pushed for a grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) that will assist in growing these businesses, facilitating job creation, and attracting patronage and tourism to emerging Philadelphia neighborhoods.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry we have compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Orange County, Columbus, North Andover and Rochester.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsFebruary 28

O.C. food trucks driven to push past the trend – ORANGE COUNTY,CA – Four years ago, the Orange County food truck scene exploded. As the novelty wears off, the mobile eateries are fighting to remain profitable and relevant.

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March 1

Food Trucks May Soon Be Serving On Columbus Streets Again – COLUMBUS, OH – The Central Ohio Food Truck Association says there have been breakthroughs over the past 48 hours for the booming food truck industry.

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Food truck rules debated by Selectmen – NORTH ANDOVER, MA – New proposed bylaws for North Andover regulating the operations of mobile food vendors have become a point of contention among business owners, the Board of Selectmen and even the Mobile Food Regulation Committee itself.

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March 2

Food Truck Owners Await New City Legislation – ROCHESTER, NY – The cold has Le Petit Poutine on hiatus.

That’s the Canadian french fry comfort food truck in Rochester.

As the snow melts, food truck owners hope the city will cook up good changes for their businesses.

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wraps on wheels rochester nyROCHESTER, NY – An expanded city food truck program will add vending sites at Midtown and possibly other downtown locations this spring. But officials are not yet ready to give the trucks a green light citywide.

The expansion follows a program review that recommended as many as five or six sites be added to the current three.

“That’s the problem right now. There are not enough spots,” said Lou DiMarco, one of 10 food truck operators who took part in the test project begun last summer. The city report estimated there might be up to 40 food trucks in the local area.

DiMarco and his Wraps on Wheels truck were out Thursday on State Street, one of the initially approved locations along with Broad Street and South Avenue, and a little-used third site on Andrews Street. Other sites being considered include Gibbs Street and East Avenue, Court and Exchange streets, Washington Square Park and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park (formerly Manhattan Square Park).

The city review, dated Dec. 31, was released by the city this week in response to a Democrat and Chronicle open records request. It recommended that food trucks be banned in residential districts, “carefully reviewed” in bar districts and limited in city-owned parking lots and metered spaces. The city also should limit long-term vending on private property outside the center city, the report stated, as it could undermine or impede development.

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food patrol rochesterROCHESTER, NY – A fire dealt a severe blow to a food truck business on Merlin Street Sunday night.

Firefighters said that the truck used by Food Patrol was gutted after propane used in its kitchen fueled a fire around 11:30 p.m. The owner was nearby when the fire broke out, but was not hurt.

The flames were so intense that they melted the aluminum siding of a nearby house.

Investigators said that the scene was unusual for them, given that food trucks are still fairly new to the area.

The owner of the truck told firefighters that he was supposed to meet with health inspectors Monday about the business.

The investigation into the fire is ongoing.

Mobile Cuisine sends out our best wishes for the vendor and parties involved.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Rochester, Arlington, Mexico, Paris and Riverside.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsDecember 6

Food truck pilot project may be extended – ROCHESTER, NY – Rochester’s test drive with food trucks downtown could be extended through March, giving City Council and Mayor-elect Lovely Warren’s incoming administration time to review an evaluation report expected at year’s end.

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FOOD TRUCK DEBATE KEEPS ROLLING ON – ARLINGTON, VA – Food trucks are revving their engines, ready to roll out in Alexandria despite recent setbacks.

As city officials discuss letting food trucks operate in Alexandria, the popular mobile eateries remain banned on private and public property in the city, with the exception of construction sites. Yet armed with updated special event and health code permits, food trucks can make occasional appearances in the Port City.

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December 7

The food trucks conquer Mexican streets – MEXICO – Mexico can be convinced that a revolution in the way you eat Mexican, the food trucks have multiplied in Mexico as an alternative to the typical street food, although still without permits and face the gangs that dominate the streets. 

They’re more hygienic, they have more variety of dishes, do not pollute or clog because they move from one place to another and are not as expensive as a restaurant, these are the main advantages highlighted by some of the owners these trucks interviewed by EFE. 

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Parisians are embracing the burger – PARIS, FRANCE – Mustachioed servers in plaid shirts and caps — French clichés come to life — called lunch orders as a throng of hungry hipsters lurched forward at Big Fernand. The house special that had customers lining up? The hamburger. Make that the hamburgé. In a marketing move worthy of a “Saturday Night Live” skit, the restaurant has instituted its own name for the simple sandwich, which Parisians are embracing citywide whether with Tomme de Savoie cheese or with good old cheddar.

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December 8

Food trucks may get green light Tuesday – RIVERSIDE, CA — Restrictions against food trucks in Riverside County from selling fried, barbecued, broiled, grilled or other items prepared on wheels may be repealed by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

Supervisor Kevin Jeffries in June proposed eliminating provisions in Ordinance No. 580, which limits food trucks to selling only packaged foods, ice cream, roasted nuts and steam-cooked hot dogs. Jeffries called the restrictions anti-business and anti-competitive, noting that in neighboring Los Angeles and Orange counties, no such prohibitions exist.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this past weekend from Rochester, Chicago, Maryland and Burlingame.

November 22

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsFood Trucks in Limbo – ROCHESTER, NY – Rochester’s food truck pilot program expires at the end of the year, but there’s not yet a plan to keep it going into the new year.

“As of right now there is nothing concrete going into 2014,” said Joe Cario, owner of Roc City Sammich.

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Food truck vendors dig in for a piece of street turf against brick-and-mortar restaurants – CHICAGO, IL – Entrepreneur Greg Burke ekes out his living hawking sausages and breaded-and-fried meat sandwiches aboard the Schnitzel King, a food truck he operates in Chicago.

But he says restrictive local ordinances make it tough to keep his head above water. So Burke is suing the city for what he contends are anticompetitive practices designed to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants.

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November 23

Restaurants At Gas Stations Could Be Next Big Thing For Foodies and Road-Trippers – Dorothy Goldstein had just visited her late husband at the cemetery. Now, she and her son were hungry for a nice lunch. So, on a beautiful autumn afternoon, they headed for a gas station.

At the Exxon station in downtown Olney, Maryland, they stepped up to the counter of Corned Beef King, where they’d dined before. To their left: a beef jerky display. To their right: keno on TV. All around them: the delish aroma of a New York deli.

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November 24

Off the Grid and Burlingame merchants working on compromise to keep popular food truck event in town – BURLINGAME, CA – A compromise between merchants and event organizer Off the Grid could keep the popular weekly food truck happenings in downtown Burlingame.

Under the deal, the events would move from Thursday evenings to Tuesdays and be held on Broadway instead of in the Caltrain parking lot.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Rochester, New Orleans, St. Augustine, Clarksville, Long Beach and Knoxville.

Off the Wire Food Truck NewsJuly 26

Rochester couple rolls into food truck market with ‘not your average’ hot dog – ROCHESTER, MI – Don’t be alarmed if a boxy orange vehicle sporting a “mean” looking hot dog decal passes you on the road sometime soon.

Sitting inside that vintage truck are Chris Matthews and Tracy Antenucci, a Rochester couple who recently entered Southeast Michigan’s growing food truck market as proprietors of the Mean Weenie — their gourmet spin on the hot dog.

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Highlights of the Newly-Approved Food Truck Ordinance – NEW ORLEANS, LA – Perhaps you heard the news, shouted yesterday from the city’s rooftops, that the latest, greatest food truck ordinance—a much less-restrictive ordinance than the one previously vetoed by Mayor Mitch Landrieu—sailed through the New Orleans City Council, with six yeas, zero nays, and at least one very sincere, “Hallelujah.” Cm. Stacy Head has good reason to be so relieved—after months of wrangling with the Louisiana Restaurant Association and nervous brick-and-mortar business owners in the CBD, food truck operators and their proponents finally have a working ordinance and can, as of right now, move forward with the business of slinging cheap food to the pedestrian masses.

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July 27

‘Food truck phenomenon’ comes to St. Augustine – ST AUGUSTINE, FL – Matthew Berg of St. Augustine has owned two restaurants and a bar, but Monster Burger N’ More is his first food truck.

“This is my first restaurant on wheels,” said Berg, who participated in Saturday’s Food Truck Wars at Francis Field. Berg started the business in November and said it has been an adventure.

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Hocker’s goes mobile with food truck – CLARKSVILLE, MD — From the outside of Hocker’s new barbecue food truck, one wouldn’t believe it could fit five people inside. But on one of the hottest days of the summer, the 24-foot trailer packed five people, plus a lot of flavor.

It was a family affair on a recent Friday afternoon, with Greg Hocker setting up an extra air conditioner in one corner and his wife, MaryEllen, bouncing their baby, Greydon, on her hip while serving pulled pork tacos.

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July 28

Cruise Ship Fare From a Food Truck – LONG BEACH, CA – Many cruise lines have built reputations for luxurious getaways at with fine food. But what happens when maritime cuisine is brought on land?

Celebrity Cruise Lines is about to find out, taking its fare to the streets. Adding a new twist to the ongoing mobile chow craze, the ship line has got it’s own food truck that is serving up some of the company fleets’ best dishes.

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Knoxville to seek public’s input on food trucks – KNOXVILLE, TN – Food trucks are flooding into East Tennessee these days with plenty of new fans each day, but now the City of Knoxville is looking to put into place some rules for the booming industry.

The city will hold a meeting Wednesday to discuss the regulation of food trucks.

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le-petite-poutine rochesterROCHESTER,  NY – The City of Rochester has given the food trucks the green light to serve downtown. City Council voted yes to a pilot program for the business owners during its meeting at City Hall.

“We’re really a different kind of food truck, I think. Previously, food trucks were thought of as festivals you crank it out, that’s it,” said Veronica McClive.

It’s a growing business McClive takes pride in being a part of.

“We want to be on the street. We want be doing lunches dinners and breakfast, just like a restaurant but on wheels.”

She owns Le Petit Poutine. It’s one of about 25 food truck owners in Rochester and she is happy that city council is opening up its downtown to their business.

“We are happy that the city is opening a conversation with us so we are excited that progress is being made. It sounds like councilmembers are generally favorable and excited about trucks.”

Tuesday night, council members approved a pilot program for the food trucks to set up shop in three different locations downtown. They include include State Street and Morrie Silver Way, Andrews and Front Street, and Broad Street and South Avenue.

“I suppose in some respects, we are a little behind the game, because most major cities have already developed a policy and regulations for food truck vending, particularly in their center cities,” said councilmember Carolee Conklin.

Food truck owners say the downside is there’s only room for six food trucks: two at each location, first come first serve.

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ROCHESTER, NY – Food trucks have enjoyed an increasing popularity in Rochester over the past year. Brick-N-Motor, a 7-month-old truck offering a rotating menu of gourmet foods, is at the forefront of the latest movement to bring those trucks into the suburbs legally.

brick n motor

Paul Vroman, Brick-N-Motor’s co-owner, appeared before the Henrietta Town Board with his business partner, Nathan Hurtt, on April 17 to request the special permit that would allow the truck to operate within the town. In a move that came as a surprise to the vendors, the board postponed its decision until its May 1 meeting.

“We’re excited that they didn’t say no,” Vroman said. “We’re not doing this to become known as those guys who opened up Henrietta or to give Henrietta a hard time, we’re doing this because we want to make a living. I think Henrietta is willing to work with us.”


Food trucks, while popular for years in other parts of the country, are relatively new to the Rochester area, and the laws concerning their operation in Monroe County are vague.

“The biggest hurdle right now is coming together and agreeing collectively on what’s good business, what’s legal, and what’s fair, not just for us, but for future and current property owners in the towns and cities,” Vroman said.

Brick-N-Motor opened in October and operated out of the Eagle’s Landing Business Park in Henrietta during select hours for six months. Vroman said he made sure he had permission from the property owner and met all necessary health and insurance requirements before selling food there.

“We thought we were OK,” Vroman said. “We were misinformed.”

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