Food Truck Deep Fryer Fire Safety

A few years ago a food truck in Venice, CA had a fire which engulfed the truck in flames. The incident originated with a deep fryer fire. [...]

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Preventing Burns In Your Food Truck

Food truck employees experience a high number of burns compared to most employment sectors. Cooks and service window staff are listed among the top occupations [...]

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Hot Temps Drive Some Minneapolis Food Truck Away

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Working in a food truck is a hot experience on a normal day, but on Monday it’s was just unimaginable. According to WCCO Radio’s Meteorologist [...]

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Egg Safety In Your Food Truck Kitchen

Eggs are one of nature's most nutritious foods and a common ingredient in the dishes food trucks serve. But, you must take special care to have [...]

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Columbus Officials Concerned Over Food Truck Safety Issues

COLUMBUS, OH - The Columbus Department of Public Safety is writing new regulations for mobile food trucks and adding a fresh layer of inspections. Also, [...]

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Vegetarianism [Infographic]

October is national vegetarian month and created this great infographic below that highlights some interesting facts about vegetarians and provides some of the key reasons to [...]

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Food Truck Driver Safety: Why it Matters

Today Marcie covers some basic food truck driver safety tips that everyone that drives a food truck should be aware of. Not only do these [...]

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Food Trucks and West Nile Virus

On top of the long hours, scorching heat, and other factors challenging food truckers across North Texas, there’s a new danger lurking in the shadows, [...]

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How To Avoid Food Truck Lacerations

Last year nearly 13,600 food industry workers lost at least a day of work because of a work-related laceration. The number represents 15.5 percent of all [...]

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Create A Driving Safety Manual For Your Food Truck

If you are the owner of a food truck business, establishing a driving safety manual for your employees may be just as important as your [...]

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