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Sales-taxSACRAMENTO, CA – State officials changed tax policies for food sold out of mobile food trucks.

The California Board of Equalization said the vendors should include the tax in the price of the food.

Sate officials said about 4,000 registered mobile truck businesses will be affected.

Prior to the decision, food truck sales were taxed according to the municipality they were in. Operators would have to adjust taxes each time they moved. Food trucks could add sales tax into the consumer’s price for the item, but they would have to have signage indicating so.

Now food trucks can use one flat tax rate and can just add it into the consumer’s price for the items.

The new rules will go into effect next July.

For more information on the tax regulations, visit BOE.CA.gov

WASHINGTON DC – If it seems like that meal from your favorite food truck got a little more expensive yesterday, it’s because it has—a new 10 percent sales tax on the mobile restaurants went into effect on Monday, reports the Examiner.

DC Food Trucks

A law passed by the D.C. Council in May will put the city’s food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants on even footing, forcing food trucks that make more than $375 worth of sales taxes a quarter to charge the same 10 percent tax that restaurants do. Trucks that sell less than that will pay an annual $1,500 fee, which is what all trucks were doing until today. The D.C. CFO expects that the new tax will bring in $1.2 million a year.

Traditional restaurants pushed for the tax and additional regulations on food trucks over complaints that their mobile competitors benefited from lax rules and taxes. Food truck owners, for their part, complained that the existing rules are outdated and vague and that they suffer from overzealous police officers are parking enforcers.

The D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is in the process of writing a new set of regulations governing the food trucks; food truck owners have generally looked kindly upon the new rules.

Find the original article from the DCist <here>

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