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wandering dago
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ALBANY, NY – The question of whether the Wandering Dago will find a home on property controlled by the state might end up being settled in federal court.

The owners of the Schenectady-based food truck — as controversial for its name as it is beloved for its pulled-pork sandwiches — filed suit Tuesday against the New York Racing Association and the state Office of General Services. Brandon Snooks and Andrea Loguidicesay they were unfairly bounced from a spot at Saratoga Race Course in July, two months after being denied a chance to sell their wares on Empire State Plaza.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Albany, names among its defendants NYRA’s new president and CEO, Christopher Kay; OGS Commissioner RoAnn Destito; and Destito’s deputy, Joseph Rabito. The suit also names “John Does 1-5″ — slots that could end up being occupied by high-ranking but so far anonymous state officials whom the suit describes as the real source of the Wandering Dago’s troubles.

Snooks and Loguidice insist they intended the truck’s name to be a tribute to the hardworking Italian-Americans of previous generations who toiled as day laborers. A recent online poll they conducted found clear majority support for retaining the name. Their critics, however, see “dago” as an unreconstructed ethnic slur.

The owners are represented by Albany attorney George Carpinello of the high-profile firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner — and yes, he’s of Italian descent (“on both sides”).

“We live in a society with robust speech,” Carpinello said, “and you’re going down a slippery slope when you allow public officials to say ‘I’m going to ban this because a certain segment of society finds it offensive.'”

Carpinello, a former Albany Law School professor who in 2008 was shortlisted as a candidate to become the state’s chief judge, has handled similar cases involving businesses that pushed the boundaries of good taste. He represented a brewer that had run afoul of New York state regulators for marketing Bad Frog Beer, which bore a label showing an amphibian giving a familiar one-fingered salute. A similar case in Massachusetts involved a distributor that was selling Bad Elf Beer and Santa’s Butt Winter Porter.

Find the entire article by Casey Seiler at timesunion.com <here>

wandering dago
Image from alloveralbany.com

SCHENECTADY, NY – After countless debates and an influx of commentary from critics and supporters alike, the operators of a The Wandering Dago food truck have decided to keep the word “dago” in its name.

The term has been considered a derogatory slur for Italians, originating from the days when Italian immigrants asked to be paid “as the day goes.” Brandon Snooks has explained, the ownership team had embraced an alternative definition of the word in an effort to reclaim it.

In the 18 days since the Wandering Dago food truck was kicked out of Saratoga Race Course for its name, owners Snooks and Andrea Loguidice have made national news, defended themselves on social media and conducted a poll on their Facebook page asking whether people think their name should be changed.

On Tuesday, they posted the following message on their Facebook page:

We think it is time — The name of our truck is not changing. Go take down Cracker Barrel or Guido’s Desserts perhaps. They have no problem with people hassling them. I was the Little Dago growing up and if people don’t like the name, they don’t have to do business with us. Make no mistake, we are not calling anyone a ‘Dago’ — that is a self-reference. If you are curious about a self-reference, listen to a rap song. We are Italian and Proud.

The post has received many likes and most comments have applauded the decision. Some commenters who identified themselves as having Italian heritage, however, said they were disappointed by the decision.

SCHENECTADY, NY — Andrea Loguidice and Brandon Snooks were looking for a place to launch their business. They surveyed the landscape, weighed the options and decided on … (dramatic pause)

… Schenectady!

wandering dago
Image from alloveralbany.com

They arrived last summer, relocating from Denver.

For Loguidice and Snooks, Schenectady has an appealing combination of factors. It’s relatively small and manageable. It’s near Loguidice’s family on Long Island, but also close to mountains and countryside. It’s a college town, of sorts.

And, perhaps most importantly, the city is a late arrival to the national food truck craze — and that’s the industry Loguidice and Snooks have joined. Maybe you’ve seen their truck, which carries the company’s memorable, if politically incorrect, name: Wandering Dago.

“We kind of like to have fun,” said Loguidice, noting that she and Snooks are both Italian. “And we hope our name shows that to our customers.”

OK, so this is a positive story, a sign of Schenectady’s ongoing renaissance. Yet Loguidice and Snooks haven’t had the smoothest of introductions to the Capital Region’s business scene. In fact, they’ve been entangled in a months-long dispute with Infamous Graphics, the Albany company they hired to design and install the exterior art for their food truck.

The facts of the dispute are hotly, um, disputed.

Let’s start with the Wandering Dago side of the story: Loguidice, 32, and Snooks, 36, contracted with Infamous Graphics in June, expecting the company would wrap the graphics on their truck by early July.

But weeks passed and passed without the $4,000 job being completed, leaving the couple worried work wouldn’t be finished by July 20, when Wandering Dago was scheduled to debut at the Schenectady Summer Night Festival.

Infamous Graphics made the deadline — sort of. The graphic wrap it installed covered just half the truck. Even worse, the covering was poorly installed, bubbling and peeling in places, and wasn’t the 3M-made material specified by the contract.

Loguidice and Snooks were none too happy. Yet when they returned the truck to Infamous Graphics after the festival, they received news that made them angrier: Infamous Graphics would no longer work on the truck, though it would keep the couple’s $2,000 deposit.

“They washed their hands of the project,” Loguidice said.

OK, so that’s the story according to Wandering Dago.

But Infamous Graphics has a different take.

Find the entire article by Chris Churchill at timesunion.com <here>


You may have missed it, but the mobile food industry is growing faster than anyone would have guessed two years ago. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trucks and carts as they pop up throughout the country. Because of this, Mobile Cuisine assists our readers weekly by posting the names and information about these trucks, so if they happen to be in your area, you can begin to follow them, or at least keep any eye out for them on the roads and cart pods.


This week’s new entries are:

Greenville, SC

Neue Southern Truck

Twitter: @NeueSouthern

Pronounced Noy-ah Southern. Bringing you Greenville’s first mobile gourmet food truck.


Houston, TX

The Dragon Truck

Twitter: @TheDragonTruck

The Dragon Truck will be serving creative, delicious and affordable fusion food. We would love the opportunity to WOW you with our tasty food.


Lake County, IL

Cheese Force One

Twitter: @cheeseforce

Lake County, Illinois first mobile gourmet food truck, with gourmet cheese in killer toasted cheese sandwiches!


Lighthouse Point, FL

Ken’s Weenie Wagon

Twitter: @kensweeniewago1



London, England

Spit and Roast

Twitter: @SpitandRoast

East London’s premier rotisserie van. Only the very best ingredients. Oh, and ridiculously good buttermilk fried chicken…


Minneapolis, MN

No Name Food Truck

Twitter: @NoNameFoodTruck

No Name’s food truck brings the taste of premium meats & seafoods you love from the freezer to the streets of the Twin Cities.


Schenectady, NY

Wandering Dago

Twitter: @WanderingDago

Think Local. Eat Local. Serving it up truckside


Spokane, WA

Phat Truck

Twitter: @PHAT_Truck



Tyson’s Corner, VA

Good Grubbin’

Twitter: @Good_Grubbin

A fajita food truck in NoVa, serving the Tyson’s, Reston, Herndon and LoCo.


Washington DC

El Fuego

Twitter: @elFuegoDc

Bringing delicous authentic Peruvian cuisine to a curb near you! DM for bookings or special events. Let us put your hunger fires out!

Mac’s Donuts

Twitter: @macsdonuts

Donuts, hot cider, food cart, Arlington, Eastern Market, stick-o-donuts

Pinup Panini

Twitter: @pinuppanini



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