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Food truck operators constantly email me with questions on how they can improve the tweets they send out. What I usually explain is that they need to increase their food truck tweets, “Twitter Traction”.

That’s when things get quiet. Twitter Traction? The short explanation is this…it’s when your tweets get retweeted, favorited, or attracts new followers (ie…possible new customers).

As a mobile food business, Twitter traction something you need to learn how to achieve.  A common response question is, “Why?”, and within milliseconds I return the volley with, “the primary reason any food truck should have a social media presence is to gain more visibility for your brand. The more your tweets get circulated, the more people will view your mobile food business name and ultimately track your truck down to see what all the fuss is about.”

As someone who has spent the last 4 years inside the twitterverse, I have enjoyed figuring out what kind of tweets get attention not just get tweeted out once, never to be read again. While in some cases it may just be that the author found the right receiver, the right Twitter member who appreciates the thoughts, sentiments or content of that particular tweet. But along the way I have discovered some great tricks for delivering your tweet message effectively- to get your food truck’s tweet noticed, to get it TRACTION.


The most obvious food truck tweets tip is to learn the art of the hashtag. For food trucks is all about being topical within the mobile food industry, your target market or subjects relevant to your brand. If you hashtag your tweet, it becomes easily searched, and may find its way to the perfect re-tweeter.

Examples: #foodtruck, #foodcart,  #streetfood, #yourcity 

Mentioning other food trucks or businesses related to your tweet (by including @ followed by their twitter address) is a no-brainer in gaining twitter traction- because whomever you mention will likely retweet to increase their own brand visibility. This is of course far more effective when used authentically, positively, and with a clear purpose- for example, to thank a customer, a business partner, a supplier, or event promoter; respond to their idea, or share content specifically relevant to them.


Tweets may be only 140 characters, but food truck vendors are always in a hurry. Whenever possible, lead with the interesting information, feeling, opinion, or point of difference. This way, when scrolling down the trillion or so tweets on their screen, others in the twitterverse will be attracted to your tweet immediately, without having to read the entire message.

Again, positive messages seem to get more traction, and to create that immediate, positive tweet-attraction- you can start your tweet with engaging adjectives that invite fellow tweeters to keep reading:

Example: Helpful #Cookingtips: learn how to make our awesome <insert menu item here> at home! www.yourfoodtruckblog.com

This hits the topic of cooking tips and gives an opinion (helpful) in the first two words. Front-loading is effective for all scroll-feed social media.


This is a great little trick for getting your content circulated and you brand retweeted- especially if you are linking an article, either a blog post on your own site or another great piece of content you have discovered that you feel is really on message for your food truck brand. Before the link, create a simple equation that will help readers quickly ascertain why this is a click-worthy link:

Example: #FoodTrucks + #Social Media = Low Cost #Marketing! (follow with link).

See how the hashtags are a natural fit as well?  You can even add a dash of humor to get even more traction:

Example: #QSR + #SocialMediaFail = #hilarious! (link to article). 

You can have some fun working with these tips but be sure to experiment.  See what helps get your food truck tweets the most traction. Let us know what works best for your food truck tweets on Twitter.

Social Surge Crowd Speaking

Mobile Cuisine is happy to announce the launch of our new crowd speaking portal Social Surge. Social Surge is a new mobile food industry social media amplifier that allows new and existing food truck owners, food truck event promoters as well as anyone hoping to help the mobile food industry with a product or service to boost up their social media message.

Social Surge is a service that lets your supporters sign up to essentially donate their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds to your cause, releasing a flood of tweets and Facebook status updates at a predetermined time.

The best thing about Social Surge is that it taps into the social media communities that you and your customers are already part of. The service is easy to use, free, and only generates tweets and posts from users who opt-in.

So who might have use of Social Surge?

  • A prospective food truck owner getting ready to launch a crowd funding campaign.
  • A new food truck owner getting ready to hit the streets of your community.
  • An existing food truck owner with a new menu item or concept you plan to roll out.
  • An existing food truck owner who is getting ready to release their first cookbook.
  • A food truck owner who is preparing to grand open your new brick and mortar location.
  • A food truck owner trying to spread the word about a cause you support.
  • A bar owner who is going to have a food truck provide the food for your patrons in the future.
  • An event promoter who wants to get the word out about your future food truck event.
  • A food truck association trying to get a message sent to a local politician.
  • A food truck association trying to get a petition signed.
  • A software developer working on a new food truck application.

These are just some of the projects Social Surge can be used for. If you’ve got an idea that you think can work for a SocialSurge – give it a try. There are numerous ways to reach your support goals…

You can even embed your campaign on your website to help gain enough traction to tip it over your support goal.

While Social Surge may be similar to other crowd-speaking platforms, we are the first to specifically target the mobile food industry. Over the past 4 years, Mobile Cuisine has been the complete online resource destination for the mobile food industry and by adding services such as Social Surge we plan to maintain that designation.

Head Over To Social Surge To Amplify Your Social Media Campaign Now!

Have questions about using a Social Surge effectively for your mobile food industry campaign? Feel free to contact us at socialsurge@mobile-cuisine.com

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