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Kogi taco mixmaster Roy Choi is currently filming a new show for CNN. This weekend, Choi — who just last week opened an impressive new restaurant in Los Angeles — broke the news on Twitter: “I got my own show it’s from the heart on the biggest platform down2the smallest detail. #CNN #StreetFood thank YOU!”

After telling the WSJ that it was in the process of partnering with “a protege of Anthony Bourdain,” CNN confirms that Choi has joined the network. A rep was tight-lipped: “I can confirm that a collaboration with Roy is in the works but we’re not prepared to release details about the project.” Based on several tweets, the show appears to be named Street Food. The theme seems like a natural fit for the man who popularized food truck culture.

Reps for Choi did not immediately respond with a comment. It’s hard to tell, based on the teasing Choi and his friend Jon Favreau have been doing on Twitter if the show will be a tasting tour of street food or if it will be a cooking show starring Choi — or a combination of both. And exactly how Favreau is involved is also unclear. The director and star of Chef released a Vine video teaser in which he shows off some knife skills.

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Rochester food trucks

ROCHESTER, NY – If you think food trucks are new, Richard Gigliotti of Greece will give you some perspective.

As an 18-year-old student at Syracuse University, he would frequently buy a late-night egg sandwich from a truck parked in front of his dorm. The sandwich was good, but what really drew him was seeing the workers inside having a lot of fun. Gigliotti decided then and there that he too would some day own a food truck.

That dream finally came true last year. Papa Gig’s has joined the new wave of mobile vendors who are reviving street food through colorful truck makeovers, traditional and inventive menus and habitual use of social media.

“It’s even more fun than I thought it would be,” says the 64-year-old retired biology teacher.

Today, food trucks feed downtown workers, the late-night bar crowd, festival- and concert-goers, farmers market customers and concert-goers as well as parking at several events focused solely on mobile food. Capitalizing on the success of the Food Truck Rodeos at the Rochester Public Market, additional food truck convoys are planned for Avon, Farmington, Pittsford and the Genesee Brew House. Several Rochester-area trucks plan to travel to Buffalo for that city’s Food Truck Tuesdays.

The city’s food truck pilot program has been expanded and extended to the end of this year, adding eight more approved center city locations. The city is also likely to approve an increase in the number of times a truck can vend at a private business or nonprofit from two to 60.

Members of the Rochester Food Truck Alliance are still pushing City Council to approve vending on residential property, says Lizzie Clapp, co-owner of Le Petit Poutine. Those revisions could go to City Council next month.

“It has been a slow progression,” says Clapp, who started her business in 2011.

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Anthony Bourdain street food quote

“I think of [street food] as the antidote to fast food; it’s the clear alternative to the king, the clown and the colonel.” – Anthony Bourdain


CHICAGO, IL – Following in the footsteps of their food truck brethren, Chicago’s street cart vendors are pushing for legalization of their trade.

Currently, vendors may sell only raw, uncut produce or prepackaged frozen desserts, with the cost of licenses ranging from $100 to $275. That means tamale stands, “brew hubs” peddling coffee, and even the selling of a cut fruit salad is illegal.

A coalition called Street Vendors for Justice has drafted an ordinance that will bring vendors out of the “shadow economy and into the legitimate economy,” said Beth Kregor, director of the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship, which is championing the cause.

The clinic operates under the the umbrella of the University of Chicago’s law school and has been conducting a series of town hall meetings with the Street Vendors Association (more commonly known as AVA, Asociacion de Vendedores Ambulantes) to educate existing and potential street vendors about the ordinance and stir support for the legislation among the general public.

Working closely with the city’s Public Health Department, the Institute for Justice Clinic has crafted a proposal that takes the city’s priorities into account: safe, clean food that’s easy to inspect. The ordinance would only allow vendors to sell food that’s been prepared and packaged in a licensed kitchen — no cooking would be permitted at the operator’s home or on the cart — and maintained at a proper temperature.

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the-tasteTonight on The Taste the mentors are challenging their teams with creating delicious dishes inspired by classic “street food.” Sandwiches, seafood – and, of course, the classic English delicacy of fish & chips – are on the menu this week as 12 remaining competitors battle it out for the chance to stay in “The Taste” kitchen another week.  

Chef Roy Choi is guest judge this week where Anthony Bourdain shares a secret weapon with his kitchen. Spam! Find out who wins on “The Taste” THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

“The Taste” features no-holds barred Chef Anthony Bourdain, British food star Nigella Lawson, expert chef/author Ludo Lefebvre, and joining “The Taste” this season, chef, author and restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson. It is from Kinetic Content and is executive-produced by Chris Coelen, Matilda Zoltowski, Emma Conway, Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson and Brian Smith who is the director.

For more information on “The Taste,” visit ABC.com/The Taste.

Follow them on:

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Berlin Film FestivalThe Berlin Film Festival’s Culinary Cinema program will be taking food to the street this year.

In collaboration with Markthalle Neun and Slow Food Berlin, the festival has launched its Street Food initiative. It has arranged to have six trucks that will offer food to go at the corner of Alte Potsdamer Strasse and Varian-Fry-Strasse during the fest.

The move is part of its Culinary Cinema program, which shows films focusing on food and ecological topics, as well as staging special meals at the Gropius Mirror Restaurant that are inspired by the pics in its main section, prepared according to the Slow Food motto “good, clean and fair.”

“Berlin is a place where gastronomic traditions from around the world cross,” the festival stated Monday. “Over the last decades, the migration of different groups has caused cuisines to fuse as well as changed people’s tastes.

“Markthalle Neun saw the potential of this and since April 2013 has organized ‘Street Food Thursday.’ For this initiative, it was awarded the title ‘Gastronomic Innovator 2013? by the renowned ‘Berlin Master Chefs’ jury.”

Festival director Dieter Kosslick said: “We have supported Markthalle Neun from the start. Now the Street Food cooks will offer festival-goers delicious and healthy culinary alternatives.”

Find the entire article at Variety.com <here>

Mobile Cuisine is an online trade magazine that covers the mobile food industry; we cover the industry as a whole and have strayed away from covering one specific region of the country.

With that said, there are numerous blogs across the country that cover specific cities and regions where food trucks operate. From New York to Miami and Toronto to Dallas there are bloggers that cover the gamut of mobile food businesses. This poll has been set up to find out which local mobile food blog is the favorite in North America.

Last year, our winner was Alex Levine’s Food Truck Freak out of Chicago. Can she retain her title or will another blogger be able to take the title from her?

Favorite Food Truck Blog 2012

To find out, we have listed the Top 17 local food truck blogs. Your job is to vote for your favorite.

This poll will run through Friday, November 8th (11:59 PM Central Time). Once the votes have been tabulated, the winner will be announced. The winner will be able to claim the title of Favorite Local Mobile Food Truck Blog as well as have the chance to be part of a feature story here at Mobile Cuisine that delves into the individuals who run these blogs and why they write what they do.

So help us spread the word for your favorites.

List of local mobile food blogs as well as links to their sites:

Atlanta Street Food Coalition – Atlanta, GA

Austin Food Carts – Austin, TX

DFW Food Truck Foodie – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Food Carts Portland – Portland, OR

Food Trailers Austin – Austin, TX

Food Truck Fiesta – Washington DC

Food Truck Freak – Chicago, IL

Hub Food Trucks – Boston, MA

Looking for Food Trucks – Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Miami Food Trucks – Miami, FL

Nashville Food Truck Junkie – Nashville, TN

New York Street Food – New York, NY

San Diego Food Trucks – San Diego, CA

Seattle Food Truck – Seattle, WA

Street Food Columbus – Columbus, OH

Street Grindz – Hawaii

Toronto Food Trucks – Toronto, Canada

The Poll is Closed!!!

We apologize to those bloggers we may have missed. There are many mobile food blogs that didn’t meet our criteria for this contest as many bloggers cover other topics than mobile food, have not posted in the last month, or have their blog solely set up as a Facebook page.

Mobile Cuisine is pleased to announce a new contest for the readers of our site. This contest will be used to determine what food truck menu items are their favorites.

As many of you may already know, Richard Myrick; the editor-in-chief of Mobile Cuisine is also the author of Running a Food Truck for Dummies. Last year he was contracted to write a second book relating to the the mobile food industry. Unfortunately due to timing issues this contract was cancelled.

Since that time he has been planning to continue this project on his own and now is the time we are asking for your help on this book. This book will not center around the operations of a food truck, but more about the cuisine that mobile food vendors are creating from their rolling bistros.

This food truck cookbook will be a recipe/cookbook that shares the best of the mobile food industry with the world. From appetizers to deserts, every food imaginable that is sold from food trucks will be covered in this tome.

Last year’s winner was What the Fork from Scranton PA and their Sriracha Taco.

what-the-fork scranton-pa

The cuisines and style of meal items covered in the book will be:


  • Egg Dishes
  • Waffles and Doughnuts

Side Dishes

  • Appetizers and Sides
  • Salads
  • Soups


  • African
  • Asian
  • European
  • American (this includes North and South American cuisine)
  • Fusion


  • Cookies and Cupcakes
  • Other Desserts
  • Beverages

The winners of each of the of cuisine types will have the opportunity to have their recipes published and featured in the upcoming book. Submissions can be vegan,vegetarian or packed full of meat.

Please note that each of these vendors will have the option to not have their recipes published…that will be their choice.

To be eligible, the menu item must come from a food truck, food cart or trailer. The vendor can be located in any country from around the world but must have been open since September of 2013. This contest will be run in two parts, the first will be suggestions from the readers. The initial submission portion of this contest begins today and will run through Friday, October 18 at 12PM CT.

Fill out the contact form below or send in your submission to contest @ mobile-cuisine.com. Let us know:

  • The name of the truck and their location.
  • The menu item name and what type of cuisine or meal type it is.

Food truck owners can submit themselves and anyone can submit a vote for multiple food trucks or multiple menu items, just make sure your submission is clear or we will not be able to count your submission as a vote.

The top submissions will be part of the top 5 from each area which will be opened for voting on Monday, October 21st.

CHICAGO, IL – The Vendy Awards have been described as “The Oscars of Street Food,” and for the first time they made their debut in Chicago ( at Kendall College) this past weekend. Our editor-in-chief Richard Myrick was on the judging panel that helped determine the winner of the Vendy Cup.

2013 Chicago Vendy Awards
Overhead view of the Vendys during setup.

The Vendy Awards have been given out to vendors in New York for the last 9 years by The Street Vendor Project, which helps street vendors. The Street Vendor Project helps street vendors connect with small business training as well as loans, to help the culture and ecosystem thrive. In addition, the Vendy Awards also help support Slow Food Chicago as well as Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes (AVA), a non-profit organization that unites street vendors and their supporters to work towards regulations that allow vendors to sell their products in public spaces.

This year’s participants were:

There were two awards given out at the event.

The People’s Taste Award was determined by the votes of the attendees…

Chicago Vendy Awards Toasty Cheese

Although close, the winner was the Toasty Cheese Mobile Eatery.

The Vendy Cup Award was determined by the judges panel. Richard Myrick explained that coming up with a winner required some deliberation as many of the vendor dishes were delicious but also came with fantastic stories. Once the judges determined their choices, the winner was…

Chicago Vendy Awards Olgas Snacks


softshell-crab-burger euro trash food cart portlandPORTLAND, OR – It should be no surprise that a Portland food cart menu item is listed on Foder’s recent list of 12 “Must Eat” World Street Food Dishes list. Along side dishes such as Currywurst from Germany and Fried Tarantulas from Cambodia, the soft shell crab burger from the EuroTrash cart made their favorites list. Here is the write up from Lawrence Ferber:

Portland’s “food pod” scene is the mothership of still-spreading food truck culture, with hundreds of amazing port-a-kitchens serving everything from Chinese dumplings to salmon chowder. An “Americanized spin on European street food,” the EuroTrash cart is beloved for its fried Spanish anchovies (aka Fishy Chips), fresh potato chips with chorizo, cilantro, and curry aioli, and their signature Soft Shell Crab Burger, an addictive tempura-battered creation on a toasted bun with a dollop of spicy mayo-yogurt.

Where to Get it:EuroTrash at Downtown’s SW 10th & Washington or the Good Food Here pod on SE 43rd & Belmont.

Find the entire list on Foders.com <here>

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