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Tallahassee Food Trucks

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Though food trucks — mobile restaurants that abide by the same health codes as permanent establishments — are nothing new, over the past dozen or so years their popularity has taken off across the country. Cities like Portland, Austin and even Orlando rally around the miniature kitchens during lunch breaks, community gatherings and festivals.

Along with craft beer and throwback mustaches, food trucks lie at the vanguard of hip culture — and you’ll find all three in Tallahassee at the newly relocated Food Truck Thursday at Lake Ella.

Between the cottages and the water, beneath a high canopy of oaks, pines and magnolias, a cheery mass of patrons lounge on blankets and in folding chairs while listening to live, local music in the early evening. They munch on specialty sandwiches, tacos, pizzas, cupcakes and more. The sense of community is palpable: children dance to folk and bluegrass standards, pets sniff and beg for a bite of their owners’ food and strangers chat with each other while waiting in line at any of the half-dozen food trucks on hand.

“The correlation between food trucks and the community can best be summarized at the weekly Food Truck Thursday event,” said Beverly Rich, vice president of the Tallahassee Food Truck Association (TFTA) and owner of the Valhalla Grill food truck. “(The event) draws hundreds of people, all of whom are there to enjoy dinner, do some shopping and enjoy great, live, local music.”

Valhalla Grill features a Viking motif, with a bearded, helmeted warrior on the side of its cream-colored truck. Rich and her crew serve up menu items such as the Blue Ox Burger delivered on a Kaiser roll and topped with blue cheese and horseradish mayo and the Curried Phoenix, which is marinated chicken wrapped in naan bread and topped with a Thai chili cream sauce.

A few steps in either direction, the culinary vibe differs wildly. Next door at Foodz Traveler, the motto is, “Some of this…some of that.” Owner Jose Ferrer dishes up an eclectic array of sandwiches, including the Memphis Traveler, featuring a tender pork cutlet pounded out wider than your head.

“It doesn’t get any better than (Food Truck Thursday),” Ferrer said. “Everyone is sitting around on blankets eating from their favorite food truck, laughing, drinking their favorite beverage, listening to the band.”

In one of the smaller tucks, MoBi (short for Mobile Bistro), owner Viet Vu hands tacos and sliders, wings and wraps through a sliding glass window. Vu and his brother have created a fusion cuisine from their “vast knowledge of Asian street food,” he said. “We design our menu around whatever inspires us: a craving, a travel show, the market, an event. It helps keep things fun, interesting and challenging.”

Alejandro Scougall, owner of Fired Up Pizza — a food truck with a wood-fire oven — spoke to the difficulty of finding consistent business. “The challenge is finding a place where people will come out and find us,” he said. “As well, the area we work in is smaller than a restaurant, so we’re limited in how much food we can make or prep.”

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TALLAHASSEE, FL – Before John, my husband-to-be, and I started our food truck in 2010, I cyber-stalked food trucks on the West Coast and in New York City to find out how they were using Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.


For the most part, they posted their daily routes and specials of the day, and while that alone attracted them hundreds of customers, I knew that wouldn’t fly for us.

Our town, Tallahassee, is mostly known for politics and football, and certainly doesn’t have the population of cities like Los Angeles and NYC. We knew we were going to have to get creative.

Though we were early adopters of Twitter and used Facebook when it was just a site for college students (the wonder years), up until 2010 we were merely bystanders of the social media sphere. But the food truck forced us to not only become active participants, but content creators, too. Here are four of the most valuable lessons Lazarus, our food truck, taught us about social media.

1. SoLo is the Motto

SoLo (not to be confused with YOLO), a combination of social media and location-based technology, is the motto for food trucks.

2. Get Creative

Most brands recognize that a part of the whole social media strategy is to engage fans — and that often means getting their feedback or crowdsourcing.

3. Nail Customer Service

“The wait for @CravingsTruck is ridiculous!!!! I’m never coming back here again.” “@CravingsTruck gave me a chargrilled red velvet waffle.” I remember seeing tweets like this and panicking.

4. Tell Your Story

I think everyone can relate to having an old, beat-up car that you love.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Tallahassee, Birmingham, Tampa and Norfolk.

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December 7

Florida Food Trucks Becoming Big Business – TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today, it seems almost any random gathering of people is likely to attract at least one food truck.  Tom Flanigan reports the number of these restaurants-on-wheels is growing in Florida, as well as their impact on the economies in which they operate.

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Birmingham City Council urged to reconsider ordinance on mobile food vendors – BIRMINGHAM, AL – An attorney for a group of food truck and push cart vendors has written members of the Birmingham City Council to say the vendors have “serious concerns” about a proposed mobile food ordinance that they say is “extraordinarily restrictive” and, if passed as written, could drive them out of downtown.

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December 8

Food trucks serve at Tampa General Hospital during cafeteria rehab – TAMPA, FL – Ev Barnes coordinates a fleet of special trucks and vans, 28 and growing, that cycles into the parking lot each night near the former emergency room entrance at Tampa General Hospital.

They’re not ambulances.

“Truck Daddy” Barnes, as he’s come to be known, is bringing much of Tampa’s growing collection of eclectic private food trucks to TGH to satisfy the late-night hunger of people visiting and working there while renovations are under way at the cafeteria kitchen.

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December 9

Food trucks in Norfolk get yellow light from agency – NORFOLK, VA – A group that’s been pushing the city to allow food trucks downtown got a mixed response from the city’s planning department last week.

The city’s planning staff is recommending the food trucks be allowed, but with several limitations that are more stringent than proponents desire.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Tallahassee, Las Vegas, Rexburg, Asheville, Philadelphia and San Diego.

Gandolfo's NY Deli Truck

Dec 9

Food truck business growing fast in Florida – Tallahassee, FL – You’ve probably seen new food trucks around town. They are becoming one of the hottest new businesses for food service entrepreneurs not only in Florida, but across the country.

More than 2,000 mobile food vendors are currently licensed with the state of Florida. They’re required to get a license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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Slidin’ Thru ready to expand from truck to restaurants – Las Vegas, NV – Less than two years ago, Ric Guerrero was 25, unemployed and newly dumped (the latter inspired by the former).

But he had an idea, inspired by his love of cooking, which became a food truck called Slidin’ Thru. The truck hit the streets in March 2010.

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Dec 10

E. Idaho diners experiencing food truck frenzy – Rexburg, ID – Someday, Tom Sathre hopes to steer his rolling deli to fame in the reality television show “The Great Food Truck Race.”

But for now, the Rigby resident said he is content being part of the street-meat revolution of eastern Idaho.

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Food trucks on the horizon – Asheville, NC – As we reported in the Nov 1 story, “What the Truck?,” local food-truck operators are grooming a downtown lot to set up operations. The Asheville Citizen-Times has an update.

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Dec 11

Law School students hold workshop for food truck entrepreneurs – Philadelphia, PA – Some of Penn’s MBA/JD students are teaching a group of community members what it takes to make it in the food truck business.

On Nov. 15, seven MBA/JD students held a workshop at the Law School to help people who either have an interest in launching food trucks or have already started a food truck business of their own. The students are currently exploring different opportunities for a follow-up session in the near future.

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Green Truck Dishes Out Gourmet Local, Organic Eats – San Diego, CA – “The biggest impact you can have on the environment is changing your eating habits,” says David Holtze of the gourmet organic Green Truck, “like thinking about where your food comes from and eating less meat.”

The Green Truck debuted in San Diego this March at an Ocean Beach block party and has since been “Healing Our Planet One Meal at a Time” at eco-fairs, catered events, and across town at locations updated via Twitter and Facebook.

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In Mobile Cuisine Magazine’s quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Tallahassee, Wilmington, Torrance, Fort Worth, Sacramento and New York City.

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Dec 2

Chicken and Waffles: The Rise of the Food Truck – Tallahassee, FL – Frustrated with the job hunt, and the lack of career opportunities, more Floridians are opening their own businesses. The fastest growing startup businesses in Florida are food trucks. As Whitney Ray tells us, the industry grew by 10 percent last year.

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Food trucks collaborate for success – Wilmington, NC – Four of the area’s food trucks have come together, and they’re inviting others to join them.

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Dec 3

Torrance eyes food truck solution after school raid – Torrance, CA – Torrance officials this week could adopt interim guidelines that will allow gourmet food trucks at school fundraisers without the fear of a police raid.

The City Council is expected to discuss the proposal, which also includes an outreach program to food trucks and community event planners, at its Tuesday night meeting.

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Fort Worth Food Park opens to large crowd, good food – Fort Worth, TX – On December 2, Fort Worth joined other cities considered to be leaders in the food truck culture by opening a dedicated food truck park. Based on the crowd to get in and the amount of food sold, opening night was a success, with hundreds of people in attendance.

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Dec 4

Hungry throng flocks to food truck event under Sacramento freeway – Sacramento, CA – Blustery winds and a shadowy concrete-bound locale were not enough to keep thousands of people from standing in long lines Saturday for a chance to taste food truck cuisine.

The event brought a critical mass of 23 food trucks to Eighth and W streets – the spot used by the Sacramento Farmers’ Market on Sundays.

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Food feud between restaurants, street carts – New York, NY – Restaurant owners want food cart vendors to learn their ABCs — and to post letter grades from the Health Department too.

“I think it’s only fair that they be graded like restaurants,” said George Constantinou, 35, co-owner of Bogata Latin Bistro in Park Slope. “The public can get sick if they eat at a restaurant, a food cart or even a convenience store.”

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