Gourmet Glossary: A


A Blanc: A French term meaning “in white” and identifying foods, usually meats, that aren’t browned during cooking.

Acetic Acid: The acid in vinegar that comes from a […]

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Gourmet Glossary: B

Bain-Marie: A shallow hot water bath into which another container is placed to cook. Used to distribute heat evenly and prevent scorching. Also used to keep […]

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Gourmet Glossary: D

Dandelion: Wild and cultivated leaves used in salads.

Dariole: A small cylindrical mold.

Date: The stoned fruit of the palm tree.

Daube: A method of braising meat, vegetables or fish.

Dauphinoise: A slow baked […]

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Gourmet Glossary: E

Eau de Framboise: Raspberry brandy.

Eggplant: American name for aubergine.

Eggwash: Beaten egg and milk, used to glaze pastry or bread.

Emulsify: To combine fats with vinegar or citric juice into a […]

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Gourmet Glossary: F

Fava Beans: Fresh or dried broad beans.

Fennel: There are two main uses for this aromatic plant as vegetable and as a herb.

Fenugreek: Aromatic seeds used as a flavoring.

Feta […]

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Gourmet Glossary: G

Galangal: A member of the ginger family, used in a similar manner.

Gammon: Cured whole leg of pork, served hot.

Garam Masala: A mixture of spices used in Indian dishes.

Garlic: A […]

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Gourmet Glossary: H

Haddock: White sea fish, with flaky flesh, also available smoked.

Haggis: A traditional Scottish dish of a sheep’s stomach stuffed with oatmeal, offal, suet and seasonings.

Hake: White sea fish.

Halibut: Flat […]

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Gourmet Glossary: I

Ice Cream: A frozen dessert made from cream, or a mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and usually eggs. It can also be made from combination of […]

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Gourmet Glossary: J

Jerusalem Artichoke: A vegetable of the sunflower family, the tubers that are eaten.

Julienne: To cut into matchstick shaped pieces.

Juniper Berries: Spicy berries used as a flavoring.

Jus: The unthickened juices […]

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Gourmet Glossary: K

Kedgeree: A British traditional breakfast dish, originally from India.

Ketchup: An often preserved sauce, the most common being tomato and mushroom.

Kirsch: A liqueur distilled from cherries, used as a […]

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