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These days you can get just about anything from a food truck: pulled pork waffles, cheeseburger sushi, and even snail lollipops. But how about freshly baked bread, made to order in just nine seconds? That was the vision of a 1956 ad for, of all things, ball bearings.

Future Bread Truck

No matter how mundane the product, modern advertisers love associating themselves with images of futuristic wonder. Today you might notice a fresh crop of robots gracing your TV screen, but in the mid-1950s the streamlined push-button machines of the near future were all the rage in print advertising. These mechanical promises of tomorrow graced the pages of serious-minded magazines like Scientific American, where General Motors’ New Departures ball bearings granted readers a little levity with some brightly illustrated tech that was supposedly just over the horizon.

This 1956 ad comes from the always amazing Modern Mechanix blog and shows off the Bake-O-Mat truck of the year 1960:

Place your order at your door. In seconds, Bake-O-Mat mixes and processes the ingredients, electronically bakes, slices, and wraps any of a wide variety of hot breads and pastries as you watch!

When? 1960? Could be! But, one thing is sure. Then, as now, New Departure ball bearings will reduce costs by simplifying machine design… increase customer satisfaction with added product dependability.

If you’re “cooking up” a new machine — or improving a present one — New Departure’s engineering service provides the right bearings for you!

Sure, this thing can bake bread, but wake me up when it figures out Korean BBQ.

Image: July 1956 issue of Scientific American by way of Modern Mechanix

Originally posted by Matt Novak at Gizmodo

Haute Sausage Shameless

Did you catch Sunday’s episode of the Showtime show Shameless? The dark comedy about a dysfunctional family is not only based on Chicago’s south side, but it is also filmed there. A local food truck made a guest appearance on the show when two of the characters grabbed lunch.

Haute Sausage Shameless


This photo was taken from inside the Haute Dog truck during the filming, and shows actress Emmy Rossum, AKA Fiona Gallagher, with a hot dog. It was posted on the truck’s Twitter account.

Funny Fuel Gauge

With fuel prices for food truck owners taking a huge chunk out of their profits…we’re sure many of them have this feeling when they look down at their fuel gauge.


My Daddy's Sausage

Hungry? Let’s go eat MY DADDY’S SAUSAGE! While it may have seemed really cute when the child first brought it up, you really should put it on paper before running out and  branding your food truck with it.


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