Stolen NYC Food Truck is Found

NEW YORK, NY - The bright pink food truck stolen from its Brooklyn parking lot early Sunday morning has been returned, its owners said Monday. [...]

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Preventing Employee Theft In Your Food Truck

Preventing employee theft is something that most food service business  owners encounter at one time or another and this fact hasn't eluded the mobile food [...]

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Stop Feeding Your Food Truck Food Costs

Monthly food truck food costs are like a pulse indicating the health of your food truck and they shouldn't fluctuate more than 1 percent. Today [...]

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How To Protect Your Mobile Business From Food Truck Theft

Apart from your home, your truck is probably your most valuable possession and possibly the most vulnerable to theft. Learn how to prevent food truck [...]

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Columbus Food Trucks Prime Target For Thieves

COLUMBUS, OH - Thieves are looking for more than a midnight snack at food trucks parked along streets. Neil Hertenstein said that thieves took off with [...]

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Chattanooga Food Truck Taco Sherpa Stolen and Recovered

CHATTANOOGA, TN - Whit Altizer and his wife, Lindsay, owners of the city’s new Korean taco food truck Taco Sherpa, thought their new business was dead before it [...]

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California Food Truck Recovers After Theft

LOS ANGELES, CA - Food trucks may be seen as a road to riches for foodservice entrepreneurs, but the owners of the No Tomatoes truck in Los [...]

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Food Truck Owner Turns to Social Media to Track Down Thief

St. Louis, MO - Tom Broadwell gets plenty of attention driving his 1955 pickup truck, but it's what he had in the back over the [...]

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