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It seems from some of the most recent questions we’ve received that some food truck vendors are still having difficulty in improving their social media presence without having to spend more time than they thought they would to get anything accomplished.

Are you one of these vendors? Not to worry, today’s article is all about social media time management and was designed to show you how to streamline the time you invest with social media while still being able to build a strong online brand that draws customers to your food truck service window.

4 Social Media Time Management Tips


One mistake I see some vendors make is joining every social network on the web and spending time to stay relevant on each one. If you are presently on what may seem like every social media platform, take some time to find out which ones are actually drawing customers in and interacting with you.

If there is no customer interaction on some, cut down or eliminate the time you spend there and focus more of your time on those that are more active.

If your customers don’t engage with you on Pinterest or Instagram, there’s no need to be there.

Once you know where you’re your message is being heard, pick two or three and don’t worry about the rest.

Speak With Your Customers

Spend some time engaging with your social media followers. Does is seem as most of them are not in your local area? If not, you could be spending your time engaging with people who may never spend a moment waiting in line for one of your awesome menu items. If this is the case you need to fine tune your approach.

Look at your updates that generate the most interest, and use those as a starting point for conversations. When you find a customer hot button issue, run with it. Be sure you share information that is both relevant to your food truck and beneficial for your customers.

You need to focus your social media communications on your customers to build trust and encourage interaction. This will lead to a creating social media advocates for your food truck business.

Consistant User Names

There are some vendors I found while researching this article that use upwards of 3 to five different user names on various social networks. Some even have several handles for Twitter alone.

Not only is this difficult to manage (unless you are paying someone to handle all of these accounts for you), but it also confuses customers which will ultimately dilute your brand.

Settle on a single username so people can easily find and follow you. Use your food truck’s name or a shorter variation. If you’re Your Name Food Truck on Facebook, don’t create a different handle for Twitter, keep it consistent.

Become Predictable

In social media it pays to be predicable. Create a schedule for posting on the social media networks you’ve chosen to have a presence. Choose times when you know your customers are most likely to see your posts.

Once you have your schedule in place, stick to it, it’s much easier to identify what to share in advance rather than trying to do it in real time.

Use the space in between your scheduled posts for customer conversations. Retweet or comment on things you like and thank customers who promote your food truck.

We hope this helps those of you that are having a tough time navigating all of the social media avenues available to food truck vendors. Time is one thing that we understand vendors don’t have in surplus.

If you have addition tips on social media time management, please feel free to share them in the comment section below, Tweet us or share them on our Facebook page.

menu item naming

I’m sure most food truck vendors, after a long shift and you’re back at your commissary, cleaning the truck, you’ll look at what wasn’t sold and have to determine if you can use it the next day. Sometimes you’ll say yes, and you do, sometimes you’ll just toss it, and other times you will say yes and it just sits around, keeping the other forgotten leftovers company, until someone gets rid of it.

Now, today’s tip isn’t about food. We’re talking about those items that didn’t get done that day, that week, that month…the loose ends that remain on your to-do list, but often just languish there, on that ever growing list.

However like that the leftovers from yesterday, leaving it in the refrigerator forever is not a good idea. Items left on the to-do list pile up, adding to the feeling of overwhelm, nagging at you, sucking away at your motivation, focus and energy, or irritating those you do business with.

And after a while, certain leftovers may become issues or develop into crises, like that invoice that didn’t go out, that bill that didn’t get paid, that customer you didn’t respond to, or that menu you forgot to write.

Unlike most of our “Tips of the Day” where we provide a tip to help solve a problem…today we’d like to hear from vendors to see what you do with those leftovers.

So what do you do with your left over to-do list items? Share your solutions in the comment section below.


It’s mid-May and the trees are turning green. Some parts of the country are finally seeing the end of Winter. Food truck owners know what this means…your food truck is entering into the busy season.

Great News… right? Are you prepared to do everything that needs to be done?

This is the time of year where food truck vendors strike while the iron is hot. The competition will be tough; everybody is competing for the consumer’s disposable dollar as well as their loyalty. Your competition is not just the food truck parked down the street, but it’s also the restaurants, and the convenience and grocery stores in your town too. Today’s consumer has only so much money to spend on food and everybody wants it.

Your schedule is about to become swamped with festivals and catering events in addition to your daily stops, but you need to remember not to neglect your marketing to remain competitive. Time management is a must to make sure you meet all of your commitments as well as keep up on marketing your mobile food business.

Here are some of the things to keep on your to-do list:

  • Maintain or create an email marketing program.
  • Aggressively promote your food truck on social media.
  • Train your staff to be your marketing ambassadors by providing a great guest experience.
  • Make sure your loyalty program is running at full speed.
  • Prepare a program for marketing gift cards (who doesn’t love to receive a gift of food for a birthday or special occasion).
  • Have a profitable Spring seasonal menu to increase sales.

We understand that there is a lot to do with little time to do everything, but continuous marketing (not just during the slow times of the year is a key to maintaining your food trucks growth.

menu item naming

tip of the dayWe all have them: those days when nothing goes right. To avoid taking the stress home, try doing three things at the end of a bad day:

  • Clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths. Think about the things that matter to you outside of the food truck. Prepare yourself mentally to walk out the door of the commissary and leave the  day behind (even if it’s already night).
  • Do something easy. Send off a report or reply to a few straightforward e-mails. Get some things off your to-do list to restore a sense  of control.
  • Get up and leave. Once you’ve completed the last task at the commissary prepping for the next shift, don’t check your email. Just leave.
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