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NASHVILLE,  TN – It’s been a year since Dan Stephenson quit his day job to run Dan’s Gourmet Mac & Cheese full time.

This summer he’s taking another big leap: He’s looking for a group of college kids willing to make a three-week trek up the East Coast in a Dan’s Gourmet food truck.

Stephenson has two goals for the food truck tour. The first is to give the students business experience while helping cover rising college tuition costs.

Stephenson, who graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2006, said he understands the value and cost of a college education. That’s why all the profits from the tour will be put toward the students’ tuition.

Stephenson’s second goal for the food truck is to drum up attention for his company, which has been selling a lot of gourmet mac and cheese lately. Since Stephenson started it as a side project 3½ years ago, Dan’s Gourmet has expanded out of the Nashville Farmers’ Market to the frozen aisles of grocery stores across the country.

“A year ago, we were in about 10 grocery stores in two states,” he said. Today, the company sells its products in groceries in 35 states.

During the trip, the students will have full control over the business aspects of the food truck, he said.

They will be expected to drive the food truck, named Mac Attack, through the major East Coast cities from July 26 to Aug. 16 selling product. During the trip, they will be responsible for running all aspects of the food truck business, including social media marketing, budget management and licensing.

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brentwood tn food truck
(Photo: Shelley Mays / File / The Tennessean )

BRENTWOOD, TN – As Middle Tennessee’s love for food trucks continues to gain traction, many of these restaurants on wheels are pulling into local offices’ parking lots to peddle their cuisines.

But that mobility in sales can sometimes run afoul of municipal ordinances, codes or regulations.

The Nashville Food Truck Association, a collective group of food truck owners and operators, is staying out of Maryland Farms for now after finding out that these mobile kitchens aren’t allowed to do business in some areas there according to Brentwood zoning rules, said NFTA president Dallas Shaw.

“The food trucks will abide by the request of the city and not park in that zone,” he said.

Shaw, who owns Hoss’ Loaded Burgers, was reminded of these regulations in early April, when his truck was in an area of Maryland Farms that didn’t allow retail sales. Shaw said there was some confusion on the food trucks owners’ part about whether they could set up shop if granted permission by the property owner. But zoning rules trump an invitation by the building owner in this instance, said Brentwood City Manager Kirk Bednar.

“Essentially, there are two types of zoning in Maryland Farms. C-1 is office only, which doesn’t allow for retail sales, and C-2, which is office or retail. We don’t go out looking for them. But if we see them, we do enforce (the rules),” said Bednar.

Brentwood has considered whether to change parts of its ordinance after the issue came up with another food truck selling food in the C-1 zone of Maryland Farms in 2012. The city is still looking into the matter. Until then, the city is enforcing the regulations that are on the books.

“Obviously, we understand it’s a growing business model. But we also have to consider the protection of brick and mortar places that are invested in community and pay taxes,” Bednar said.

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KNOXVILLE, TN – The City of Knoxville is experimenting with a one-year pilot program for food trucks and it released its plans to the public Tuesday afternoon.

knoxville food truck locations

Zone Locations:

  4. 300 SOUTH GAY
  5. 200 SOUTH GAY
  6. 300 DEPOT

The plans, which are partly based on a similar program in Nashville, will allow food trucks to legally operate in public and certain private spaces while also abiding by city codes.

In order to adhere to the plan:

  • Vendors will need to pay a $500 application fee for a permit;
  • Food trucks will be able to operate in marked spaces along downtown streets;
  • They will be able to operate in private parking lots, with the permission of the property owner;
  • They will not be able to operate in residential zones.

Knoxville Business Liaison Patricia Robledo said seven marked zones downtown will be open to food trucks. Each will be open at a different time, ranging anywhere from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day. She said she believes the first food trucks may hit downtown in early April.

“What’s neat about the program is that we’ll be able to evaluate it and make changes to it in a timely basis,” Robledo said.

She added the city took into consideration traffic, safety and visibility when it determined where the zones should be located.

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biscuit-love-new-truck nashvilleNASHVILLE, TN – For small businesses trying to survive, one man said he could keep them from failing — but not without some tough love.

Branding expert Martin Lindstrom lent his expertise to two family-owned businesses just steps from closing for good.

One business called Biscuit Love is a food truck in Nashville, Tenn.

“For the first time I feel like we’re pushing the cart instead of the cart pushing us,” said Sarah Worley, who owns Biscuit Love with her husband Karl. The couple had invested $80,000 in the business before Lindstrom’s intervention, and said they were just two weeks away from having to shut the doors forever.

With Lindstrom’s help, the husband and wife team transformed the Biscuit Love experience, creating a brand that goes beyond food.

Another business owner, John Veach, owns Veach’s Toy Station in Richmond, Ind., which has been in the family for 75 years. He and his wife Shari bought the business from Veach’s father last year.

“If I lose this, I don’t know what I’d do,” Veach told TODAY before the help from Lindstrom and a team of volunteers, who worked to transform the shop with bright colors, hands-on displays and a smarter layout.

Lindstrom told TODAY’s Erica Hill that the toy store and Biscuit Love had gotten to such desperate places because they were “in panic.”

Find the entire article with video by Jillian Eugenios at today.com <here>

The mobile food industry has been growing in cities across the world since 2008. With this growth, a group of bloggers have been covering their local food truck scene and providing news, review and updates to their readers. As each new food truck city starts up, it usually has someone that wants to cover this trend for the people of their community. Outside of creating their blogs, many of them have also gotten involved in their food truck communities by hosting or organizing food truck events, or have gone a step further and created smart phone applications for local foodies to track their favorite local trucks.

Because of all of their blood, sweat and tears these writers/journalists/foodies put in, we thought we would create a way for our readers to select their favorites and give them recognition for their hard work. Over the last couple of weeks we ran a poll to give you a chance to submit your choice. In that time, nearly 1,300 of you cast your vote and today, Mobile Cuisine is proud to announce the results of this contest to determine our Favorite Local Food Truck Blog for 2013.

In first place with 38% of the votes:

Nashville Food Truck Junkie



The rest of our top 5 (in order of votes received)

2) Street Grindz – Hawaii
3) Food Trailers Austin – Austin, TX
4) Hub Food Trucks – Boston, MA
5) Looking for Food Trucks – Los Angeles/Orange County, CA

Keep an eye open for our feature article in which we delve into the background of the Food Truck Junkie, and why she does what she does for the Nashville food truck scene. Again, we would like to thank all of you that voted in this contest. It is our readers are what let Mobile Cuisine continue to be the complete online resource destination for the mobile food industry.

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