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Fridays celebrates the craft of handcrafting. The skill, creativity, hours, sweat, patience and persistence of creating something by hand, with heart.

The Summer of Fridays Road Tour is on the hunt to discover and be inspired by the best of handcrafted America. TGI Fridays is taking to the road with a food truck fleet equipped with a grill, their chefs and a tank full of curiosity to explore new places, meet new people, and devour new food and drink, all in the name of craft. And you get to ride (virtual) shotgun.

Along the way, they plan to introduce you to some of their handcrafted goodness, which they’ll hand-deliver to you. They plan to serve free tastes of their American All-Star Sliders, Ahi Tuna Crisps, Potato Skins or Oreo® Madness. If you’re in the mood for a refreshing summer beverage, see what’s on their drink menu, like Red Bull® Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Sangria, Strawberry Passion Fruit Tea, The Best Fridays Margarita or Barbados Rum Punch.

Check the route to see when the “Summer of Fridays Road Tour” will make stops in cities nationwide including Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Dallas.

The drug and convenience store chain Walgreens is embarking on a mobile tasting tour providing samples of its innovative fresh food and refreshments to Americans where they work, live and play. The Walgreens “Up Market: Fresh” experience will be brought to consumers via a custom-made, 40 foot bus and will visit various locations across the country and shared via Twitter @upmarketfresh.


“Several innovations are making Walgreens the first choice for health and daily living throughout neighborhoods nationwide. Our fresh food offerings provide customers with easier access to a greater selection of fresh foods and beverages,” said Joe Magnacca, president of daily living products and solutions for Walgreens. “The ‘Up Market: Fresh’ experience is a unique way to showcase our commitment to help people get, stay and live well.”

Free tastings include:

  • Juices — Samples of nutritious, fresh-made juices made from a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables. “Go Green” is a featured juice and is a blend of cucumber, kale, celery, green apple and lemon. One hundred percent natural orange juice will also be sampled.
  • Smoothie — The featured smoothie will be Raspberry Dream, which is blended fresh from raspberries, strawberries, bananas and apple cider.
  • Frozen Yogurt — Two premium, low-fat frozen yogurts will be sampled – Triple Chocolate and Tahitian Vanilla – alongside a selection of eight toppings.
  • Café — Visitors can receive free samples of a selection of coffees brewed using the same fresh roasts and barista quality techniques showcased at Walgreens.


Twitter: @upmarketfresh

Coming to Phoenix: Sat Dec 8 through Tues Dec 11 at select Walgreens Well Experience Stores

NEW YORK, NY – A new tour invites people to eat their way through the Financial District — all without setting foot indoors.

The six-stop food tour bypasses brick-and-mortar restaurants in favor of mobile food trucks, which the organizers say dish up some of the freshest, tastiest lunch cuisine in the neighborhood.

“This area has a thriving mobile food vending scene,” said Cindy VandenBosch, co-founder of Urban Oyster, the company that launched the Financial District Food Cart Tour last month.

Food blogger Brian Hoffman, 32, an Astoria resident, spent the winter sampling all of the Wall Street area’s street food, and he picked his favorite dishes to showcase on the two-hour tour. In between all the eating, Hoffman sprinkles in tales about the city’s early food vendors and answers questions about permits (they’re almost impossible to get) and Health Department inspections (they’re frequent).

The focus, though, remains on the food, which is served in such generous portions that several of the participants on a recent Wednesday afternoon had trouble finishing everything.

On that afternoon, the tour’s $40 ticket bought: tender jerk chicken with braised cabbage and rice from Veronica’s Kitchen; fluffy falafel and red rice seasoned with paprika and turmeric from Adel’s No. 1 Halal Cart; grandma pizza, which has a layer of mozzarella beneath the sweet, tangy sauce and a dusting of parmesan cheese, from Jianetto’s Pizza; the tofu scramble, sweet potatoes, veggie burger and fake chicken from 99% Vegetarian; a Rib Eye of the Tiger Taco with a variety of kimchi from Korilla BBQ; and, finally, a fresh-off-the-griddle liege waffle with spekuloos spread from Wafels & Dinges.

All of the stops, which vary based on the day of the week, are within a few blocks of each other, so participants didn’t have much time to regain their appetites in between dishes.

“I’m stuffed,” Jeremy Kahan, 29, said after the fifth of six courses. “I shouldn’t have eaten as much breakfast.”

Kahan, who works for a hedge fund and lives near Union Square, enjoyed all of the dishes on the tour but he said he was particularly surprised to find that he liked 99% Vegetarian’s offerings, since he usually prefers meat.

Chris Tyburski, 37, a New Jersey resident who used to work in the Financial District, said he was amazed by the number and quality of the food trucks.

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