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TULSA, OK – Authorities are searching for two suspects after a food truck was robbed at gunpoint late Wednesday evening in east Tulsa.

Officers with the Tulsa Police Department were called to the area near 23rd and Garnett after receiving reports of an armed robbery. At the scene they found that the business robbed was a taco food truck just before midnight.

Initial details state that two men approached the food truck armed with a handgun. Both demanded money from the employee.

Officers told KTUL that the employee handed over an undetermined amount of cash. The suspect left the scene on foot.

Investigators were told that the men were wearing a red and white shirt with bandanas over their faces. No further description was provided.

Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers at 918 596 COPS.

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grub truck tulsa

TULSA, OK – An ordinance amendment aimed at increasing the distance food trucks would have to operate from restaurants is being reconsidered, a city councilor said Wednesday.

Councilor Blake Ewing said the proposed increase, from 150 feet to 300 feet, was a recommendation from city staff that came under criticism from some food truck owners.

The ordinance in question gives authorities the ability to issue tickets or warnings to any mobile food vendor that parks within a certain distance of a bricks-and-mortar restaurant. It is aimed at protecting restaurant owners who have additional overhead, including property taxes, from low-overhead mobile vendors.

Ewing, who owns three downtown restaurants, said food truck owners criticized the proposed change as a conflict of interest for him. Ewing, who represents the downtown district, sponsored the amendment.

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Tulsa OK Skyline

Coming in at number fourteen in our Top US Cities to Open a Food Truck is Tulsa, OK.

Settled in the 1836 by the Lochapoka and Creek Indian tribes, Tulsa Oklahoma was the central hub of the early US oil industry and the birthplace of Route 66. Centuries later, why wouldn’t it become one of the best cities in the United States to start a food truck in 2014?

Tulsa is the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Oklahoma and 46th-largest city in the United States. With a population of 393,987 it is the principal municipality of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area, a region with 951,880 residents in the MSA and 1,122,259 in the CSA. The city serves as the county seat of Tulsa County, the most densely populated county in Oklahoma, and extends into Osage, Rogers, and Wagoner counties.

Tulsans enjoy 227 days of sunshine a year and an average daily temperature of 61 degrees, and continually changing conditions occur in the city during all four seasons.

The city boasts a widely diversified business base, including aerospace, telecommunications, manufacturing, construction, high technology, healthcare, education, transportation and energy. It is one of “America’s Most Livable Communities,” and is known as the Mecca for arts in Oklahoma.

Specifically regarding food trucks, Tulsa has opened their arms to the mobile food industry, hosting community and city sponsored food truck events for the nearly 20 food trucks in operation. One of the best attributes Tulsa food trucks receive from opening here is the low cost of fees. A full service food truck can expect to be charged $145 per year by the city with the state charging an additional $350.

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OTW LogoIn our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Shreveport, Buffalo, Boston, Tulsa and Philadelphia.

July 5

Shreveport sees food truck growth – SHREVEPORT, LA – Shreveport, like other areas of the state, is experiencing growth in a new mobile industry.

Food trucks are a cool, entrepreneurial outgrowth of what already has been in place with food vendors, says Shreveport City Councilman Jeff Everson.

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Taco truck owner to address recipe for success – BUFFALO, NY – Peter Cimino, co-owner of the Lloyd Taco Truck company, is well-positioned to address mid-career Western New Yorkers who are looking to make a change.

Cimino was a high school math teacher who quit to work full-time on the venture, which launched in July 2010.

The willingness to try something new, to avoid the fear that makes people averse to risk, to identify an opportunity and buy into it completely — those are some of the lessons Cimino will take to an upcoming presentation from 6 to 7 p.m., Monday, July 15, at Medaille College’s Amherst Campus on 30 Wilson Road.

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July 6

Food trucks: Not just for the city – BOSTON, MA – Local food truck owners don’t need extravagant ingredients or city-like pedestrian traffic to keep them going, and a number have already hit the streets for the summer, bringing a fresh twist to traditional favorites.

“These aren’t your father’s roach coaches or canteen trucks,” said Anne-Marie Aigner, executive producer of Food Truck Festivals of New England.

Since 2011 the organization has grown from eight to 200 trucks around New England, she said.

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Food trucks enjoy booming business, thanks to Tulsa’s new licensing process – TULSA, OK – The city of Tulsa appears to have avoided being run over by the food truck craze.

Two years after some mobile food vendors complained that the city’s registration process had become too complicated and too expensive, a new registration process is in place; business is booming; and the complaints have dwindled.

“It was pretty easy once you figured it out,” Lyndsi Baggett, owner of “The Wurst” brat stand, said of the new registration process. “Especially now with all of the food trucks, I think they made it a lot easier.”

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July 7

Food trucks are cookin’ in suburbs now, too – PHILADELPHIA, PA – People started lining up outside SEI’s sprawling headquarters in Oaks even before Thais Viggue and her sunflower yellow Dia Doce cupcake truck rolled onto the campus.

Dave Bell got there 15 minutes early so he could be first, because, he said, he’d seen the line “go all the way down the road.” He ordered a half-dozen of the $3 treats – three Black Magic, one churro, and two key lime – for himself and some friends.

It was just a couple of years ago that a customer like Bell would have to drive all the way to West Philly’s college campuses or the hipster mecca of Northern Liberties to indulge in the dining craze of the 2010s – gourmet food trucks.

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grub truck tulsa

TULSA, OK – The regulars approach the gaping window of the truck-turned-traveling kitchen and order with confidence.

But the curious first-timers linger back a few feet, close enough to read the menu, yet far enough to avoid immediate contact. “I didn’t even know this was here,” they say, while looking at the food truck like it’s an alien space craft.

Yes, food trucks have landed in Tulsa. And there are signs of a growing invasion.

Tulsa’s first food truck festival rolls out in September.

Local restaurant veterans Lola Palazzo and Teri Fermo have joined the food truck phenomenon, dishing out their upscale offerings. Andolini’s Pizzeria will hit the streets with its truck in the fall.

Paella. Gourmet hot dogs. Bahn Mi. Oh, my.

“I think it’s easier to convince people to eat out at food trucks here than it used to be,” said Mitch Neely, owner of the Grub Truck and organizer of the upcoming festival. “My goal is to serve good food to people so it does not really matter if they are eating out of food truck or not.”

A city database shows 86 mobile food preparation trucks in Tulsa, according to Jeffrey Bollinger, licensing and revenue processing manger for the city.

About one-third of the trucks are mobile extensions of restaurants such as Billy Sims BBQ, Brownie’s hamburgers and Subway sandwiches, the database shows. The remainder are the more traditional free-roaming food trucks – a trend that started, in Tulsa, with taco vendors.

The Tulsa Health Department inspects the trucks, and the city licenses them and collects the revenue from the $145 annual fee that’s shared with the county, he said.

A 2011 task force tackled the legislative loose ends, including concerns about trucks that open regularly on private property. Their work resulted in Tulsa’s new food truck law published Nov. 21.

It was Tulsa’s first step toward becoming a food truck-friendly city.

Other cities – like Chicago – continue to try to find a balance with the established brick-and-mortar restaurants. The trucks can operate there, but chefs can’t cook and prepare food onboard.

Meanwhile, food trucks are flourishing in places like Austin, California and the Pacific northwest.

‘A rude awakening’

Country music filled the air around Teri Fermo’s purple custom-painted food truck, Jezebel, when Judy Driesel walked up to order. It was just after noon in downtown Tulsa, and Driesel was craving some of Fermo’s international cuisine with Latin, Asian and French influences.

“Normally I don’t eat at these places,” said Driesel, who works nearby. “But I come here at least once a week. I am excited. I wish she had a permanent place here. Her food is awesome.”

Fermo, owner of Bohemia, Movable Feast Caters, sharpened her chef skills at the Culinary Institute of America. Watching Fermo work with several cooktop burners blazing in Jezebel’s kitchen is like having a seat at the chef’s table in a trendy restaurant – without the seat.

“Every time I put on Motown, people flock,” Fermo said, adding that she also cooks to Latin music and “old-school jazz.”

Find the entire article by NICOLE MARSHALL MIDDLETON World Scene Writer at tulsaworld.com <here>


In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Westchester, Orange County, Whitehall, Tulsa, South Florida and Bismark.

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Aug 3

A Summer Crop of Mobile Cuisine – Westchester, NY – The food truck trend has been slow to take off in Westchester. We’re a car culture, and most food trucks rely on foot traffic. This summer, though, a few mobile entrepreneurs have set their parking brakes in strategic spots around Westchester County and are dishing out some very fine food.

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State gives food-truck owners indigestion – Orange Country, CA – Many businesses work on a thin profit margin. An overzealous tax assessment could mean the difference between being in business and being closed for good. The state might collect a little more at the risk of a business owner’s livelihood, but it will kill jobs, and potential tax revenue in the process.

For catering trucks, this problem is especially pronounced.

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Aug 4

Whitehall tries food trucks to draw residents outside – Whitehall, OH – Whitehall officials want to bring more people into the city, and they’re targeting the hungry ones.

For the first time, the city will work with local food trucks for National Night Out, as part of a new campaign to become “a new Whitehall,” said Lindsey Wright, community affairs coordinator for the city. The event, held in cities across the country, is an annual block party or cookout that focuses on anti-crime programs and is a chance for public-safety personnel to mingle with residents.

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Tulsa Food Truck Festival in the works – Tulsa, OK – Mitch Neely, owner and operator of the Grub Truck, said Saturday that he is working to organize a food truck festival in Tulsa.

Find the entire article <here>

Aug 5

Late-night menu options growing in South Florida – South Florida – It’s midnight. You’re out on the town, and suddenly the hunger pangs hit you hard.

You don’t want to hit a fast-food joint. You don’t want greasy. You want something better.

From trendy eateries with late-night menus to gourmet food trucks, your choices are growing across South Florida, making that fourth meal option easier to stomach.

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Food on the go popular in Bismarck-Mandan – Bismark, ND – Food on the go remains as popular as ever, and the Bismarck-Mandan community now has mobile food trucks and carts providing fast alternatives.

New to the Bismarck-Mandan community are the Kroll’s bright purple food truck, Fireflour Pizza, a “mom and pop” mobile wood fired pizza caterer, and Dakota Shave Ice, a shave ice stand.

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In our quest to keep our readers up to date with the latest stories relating to the food truck industry has compiled a list of the stories that hit the wire this weekend from Minneapolis, Dallas, Appleton, Chattanooga, Chicago and Tulsa.

July 6

Downtown Restaurants Say Food Trucks Are Stealing Their Business – MINNEAPOLIS, MN— The fight for your lunch dollar is heating up in downtown Minneapolis. Some businesses claim that food trucks are hurting their bottom line, and they say the city is giving street food vendors an unfair advantage over brick and mortar stores.

“The trucks park in front of our doors and hijack our customers,” said Doug Sams, founder of D. Brian’s Deli & Catering. Sams says food trucks have hurt his sales by about five percent.

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Dallas Area Food Trucks Targeted In Recent Robberies – DALLAS, TX – Targeted in two recent robberies, food trucks in the Dallas area say they’re taking precautions.

Social media sites for several businesses are buzzing with the news.

“Food truckers be on alert,” reads a recent tweet from Jack’s Chowhound. “They are armed and aggressive.”

The first robbery, on June 27, happened at a gas station where dozens of food trucks refuel on their way to the local commissary.?According to a Dallas police report, the driver, Olga Rodriguez, was pumping gas, when a car pulled up with three men inside.

Find the entire article <here>

July 7

Appleton continues to firm up rules for food carts, trucks, APPLETON, WI – Appleton will vote next week on firmer rules for mobile food trucks and carts in its central business district downtown.

The Municipal Services Committee voted 4-1 at its last meeting to cap the number of permits for both small carts parked on sidewalks and larger food trucks. The rules will head to the full council July 18.

“This spelled out that we can have eight permits east of Appleton Street and eight west of Appleton Street and will allow four licensed food trucks downtown,” said Ald. Joe Martin, who drafted the resolution for the changes.

Find the entire article <here>

Local food trucks head to Knoxville – Chattanooga, TN – The Food Network and the Cooking Channel may help millions of Americans prepare their food, but for the next three months some of the food that feeds many of the network’s 900 employees in Knoxville will come from Chattanooga food trucks.

The headquarters of Scripps Networks Interactive is rebuilding its Food Network kitchen by October. In the meantime, Scripps is using a half dozen food trucks, including at least four from Chattanooga, to feed its employees.

Find the entire article <here>

July 8

Food truck ordinance savory to some, sour to others – CHICAGO, IL – As Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s food truck ordinance heads toward a council vote this month, both sides — broadly represented by brick-and-mortar restaurateurs on one side and food truck entrepreneurs on the other — will make sure aldermen hear their views.

The current proposed ordinance would allow cooking on trucks; 24-hour operation but two hours maximum at any truck stand; and special parking areas in busy neighborhoods. But it would also impose a 200-foot buffer zone between trucks and restaurants in most cases, GPS tracking of each truck and fines of up to $2,000 for violations.

Find the entire article <here>

Food truck court soon coming to Pearl District – TULSA, OK – Mitch Neely and Phillip Phillips both have individual plans to open up their own food trucks. But they’re working together to open up the first and only food truck court in Tulsa.

“They’re popular in other cities like Austin and Portland and I said why not Tulsa,” Neely said. “A lot of people like food in Tulsa.”

A vacant lot on 6th Street and South Quincy Avenue will soon be a one-stop shop for foodies. They hope to have four trucks parked there daily all offering different menus.

Find the entire article <here>



TULSA, OK – The search is on for a man police say robbed the Taqueria Express taco truck Monday night.

Around 11:45 p.m., police say someone pulled a gun on a worker at a food truck that was parked at 17th and South Garnett Road.

Officers said the suspect got away with a few hundred dollars and ran off into a nearby neighborhood.

Police said someone fired a couple of shots while the suspect was leaving.

It’s not clear who fired the shots and police have no clear suspect description.

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