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The domain name you select for your food truck website is just as important as the name you choose for your mobile food business.  After all, your website is the face of your food truck online.

Before you go out and purchase the domain name for your food truck website there are a lot of things to consider.

7 Domain Name Considerations For Your Food Truck Website:
  • Is It Available
  • The More Specific The Better
  • Be Relevant
  • Make It Memorable
  • Keep It Short
  • Which Domain Extension To Use
  • Numbers & Dashes

Some are more important than others, but take them all into consideration. Now let’s talk about each one.

Is It Available

At the end of the day availability is the most important because if the domain name you want for your food truck website isn’t available, then it doesn’t matter how good it is.  The best way to increase the chances of the domain name you want being available is to get specific.

Check out these domain name vendors: You can check on domain name availability and is available, register your domain with your choice of vendor. Here are some well-known, domain name registrars:

The hosting providers also have domain sales solutions:

The More Specific The Better

In our example, let’s say that you’re a food truck in the Chicagoland ares and the name of your mobile food business is The ACME Food Truck.  Let’s work our way from general to specific to try to find a good domain name.

  • Foodtruck.com or Foodtrucks.com: Way too general.
  • IllinoisFoodTruck.com: Still too general, but getting there.
  • ChicagoFoodTruck.com: Better, but Chicago is a large city, so it’s still too general.
  • ACMEChicagoFoodTruck.com: While Chicago has a lot of food trucks, if your food truck primarily serves in the Chicago metro area, this domain name might be a good fit for you.  Not only would people find your website when searching for truck’s name, but you’d also get a boost when prospective customers who search for “Chicago food truck”, since those words (called keywords) are in your domain name.

The more specific you get with your food truck domain name, the higher the chances that it will be available.

Be Relevant

We all want a relevant domain name.  For example, you should try to mention food truck or catering somewhere in the domain name to let customers (and search engines) know what you do.  This also ties in with being specific because the more specific you are, the more relevant we are as well.

Make It Memorable

It’s important for your domain name to be memorable, especially when trying to build a local food truck brand.  Besides, if your website address isn’t memorable it will make it harder for customers to recommend you by word of mouth.

You need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to recommend you to others.  A along with great food and service, a memorable domain name makes your truck easy to talk about.

Keep It Short

When it comes to domain names for your food truck website, typically the shorter the better.  Not only are they easier to remember, but they look better. That said, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s just another point to consider.

When choosing between two domain names of similar quality, go for the shorter one.  But don’t let trying to make a domain name as short as possible overrule the other factors mentioned above.

Which Domain Extension To Use

The .com domain is the best choice for your food truck website domain name because it is the most common and memorable.  If you buy a .com, some vendors may also try to purchase the .net and .org versions if they’re available (they’re only $10/year) and redirect them to your primary website on the .com.

If you can’t find an available .com, .net and .org are acceptable. But if you use a .org or .net your customers might not find you if they type in .com by accident.  It’s shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but just something else to consider.

Numbers & Dashes

If possible, avoid using numbers and dashes in your food truck domain name (please ingnore our url, lol).  While they’re not bad, they’re often used incorrectly.  This often results in making your website less memorable.

So as a general rule I recommend food trucks from staying away from dashes and numbers if possible.  One popular exception is using the area code of the area you serve in.

A Final Note:

Picking a domain name for your food truck website is hard because it seems like all the ‘good’ domain names are taken.  But since every mobile food business is unique, there plenty of relevant, specific domain names available that are a great match for your business.

All of the factors we’ve discussed should be considered when choosing your domain name.  Based on your situation you may disregard some to focus on others, and that’s fine.  These factors will help you make the best choice for your food truck from the available options.

When you create a Facebook account for your food truck business, you are assigned a random ID.  This used to be no big deal and probably not something a food truck owner would even think twice about.  But in today’s age of SEO it’s imperative to keep up with the ever changing digital world in order to stay on top of the competition.  Here are 3 reasons you need to claim your custom Food Truck Facebook URL as soon as possible.

Custom Food Truck Facebook URL


You should be doing as much marketing as possible.  When you need to use your FB URL on your truck’s wrap or printed advertising, which you often should, you don’t want it to say, facebook.com/pages/My-Food-Truck-Name/909442628111.  It just doesn’t look right and nobody is going to take the time to write down or copy that lengthy behemoth.  Changing it to facebook.com/MyFoodTruckName is much easier on the eyes and something that will not only help your branding efforts, but make it much easier for people to refer others to your page.


Chances are you aren’t the only person out there who has thought of “My Food Truck Name” for a food truck name.  While this may keep you from claiming the domain, MyFoodTruckName.com, you may still have a shot at claiming it on Facebook as, facebook.com/MyFoodTruckName.  So get online and do it!

Search Engine Optimization

The search engines, like Google, place a high value on URL’s when determining rankings.  If your URL isn’t exact match, or very similar, for what you’d like to be found for, (such as My Food Truck Name), you aren’t going to rank very well.  By claiming that exact match URL you have a great shot at ranking highly for your mobile food business Facebook page.

Now that you understand why it’s so necessary to claim a custom URL, here is how you do it:

NOTE: You only get to make this change once so watch for typos before you save the change.

  1. Login to Facebook under your administrator account for your food truck business page.
  2. Go to your Facebook business page.  (be sure you’re signed in as your food truck page and not your personal profile)
  3. Click “Edit Page” at the top right.
  4. Click “Basic Information” on the left sidebar.
  5. Change the username to your liking.

After you change the username, you should be able to see the new Facebook url in your browser’s address bar like this:  facebook.com/MyFoodTruckName.

Here’s a few more tips for changing your Food Truck’s Facebook username and getting the most benefit from it:

  • Make it short.
  • Make it memorable.
  • It should match the common name of your food truck or be very similar.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word to make it more readable.
  • No spaces or special characters. Only a-z and 0-9 are allowed.
  • Double and triple check for errors before you save because, YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT.

Bonus Tip: Try to match your FB food truck username to your Twitter, YouTube and any other social media usernames. Consistency helps with branding.  Also, if the name you want is already taken, just choose the next best option and something that still closely represents your brand.  The goal is to have your food truck’s name in there and have it match (as closely as possible) to the actual name.

Ever traveled a city you have never been to and wondered where you could get a good bite to eat? Or wanted to try something different for dinner in your home town? If so, you’re not alone. Equipped with smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops, millions of people are surfing the Internet looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


A solid food truck website will put your mobile business front and center. Let’s take a look at the overall value of creating, updating and marketing your own food truck website.

Maintain Availability

Stay connected with your fan base and with those who could be better served. Your website is accessible 24 hours a day – seven days a week. It has the capability to receive customer feedback, take catering requests and can be shared on social network sites.

Communicate Effectively

Tell them what you’re cooking and how to get it.

  • List the menu and prices, hours of operation, your regular parking locations (with a map) and payment options.
  • Clearly list your phone number and Twitter account on every page of your website and in plain text. If a customer has to search for a way to track you down, then they may give up and move on to another food truck.
  • Include information on how to:
    • What upcoming events you’ll be at.
    • How to book catering services.

Promote Your Business

Invite customers to join your email list and send promotional information daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever suits your promotional schedule. For example, advertise new menu items or new locations you add to your weekly schedule.

Who are you?

Create an “About Us” tab and tell you customers who you are. Keep your story concise and informative. Most customers are not looking for War and Peace, but do like knowing about your personal approach.

Stand out from the rest of the Pack

If a competing local food truck has a website, could they also have your customers.

Conduct an online search of food trucks in your area. Take a look at how their website has been developed. Write down what you like and don’t like. Then come up with a way to stand apart as the best choice a customer will have if they select your food truck over someone else’s.

Maybe your website could include:

  • Video and photographs
  • Interactive media
  • Nutrition Information

In today’s fast paced world, people rely on the Internet for information. Maintaining a website for your food truck is a great way to remain competitive, relevant and connected to your customers.


website name

Naming a website for your food truck can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with the process or have a limited knowledge of the Internet. Here are 5 great tips that will start you on the right path to successfully name your mobile food business website domain.

5 Steps To Successfully Name Your Food Truck Website

Create an online identity. Get a Web domain now, even if you aren’t building your site until later.

Pick three domain names that fit your business. Your first choice may be taken, so have a few domain name ideas. If your top three picks are available, consider getting all three. It’s not too expensive and then you have flexibility to create a site for a special promotion or use a special landing page for an event.

Check out domain name vendors. You can register your domain with your choice of vendor. Here are some well-known, domain name registrars:

Keep your renewal current. Don’t forget to renew your domain name. Businesses have been known to let a name expire and then find that their Web site has disappeared from the Internet. Don’t let that be you.

Once you have a domain, name your URL (Uniform resource locator) mycompany.com, place your URL on every marketing and business document that you produce. Let your company be known.

We hope you find these tips helpful in the process of naming your food truck website. If you think we missed something, please let us know so we can add it to this article. You can submit your suggestions via email, Twitter or Facebook.

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