Food Truck Menu Specials

Food Truck Menu Specials

tip of the dayStarting today, we are adding a new section of content to Mobile Cuisine to give our staff a chance to help some food truck owners improve their businesses. Through the use of helpful tips we have learned from talking with food truck owners or have learned ourselves, we hope that the tip of the day will give some insight to some of the numerous areas involved in running a successful business in the mobile food industry.

Today’s tip of the day covers the topic of adding specials to your food truck menus.

Specials can be used to showcase an item you have limited availability to. Maybe it’s a specific type of vegetable or fish which are only available a few months of the year.

Specials create efficiency within your inventory by allowing you to reduce waste from particular items from going bad before they are sold. Your specials can re-purpose these items at a discounted price while cutting back on the amount of food you have to throw away.

Warning: Never use food that has passed its usable time. Yes you may be able to cut down on your waste; however you also risk making one of your customers sick while at the same time, damaging your reputation. If an item is bad…pitch it.

Specials allow you to promote high profit margin items from your menu and give you the chance to offer them at a discount, or even create a regular weekly special (Tuesday is Taco Day!). Your customers will appreciate knowing that you are offering these specials and may even make your truck a regular stop on the days you offer specials.

Consider giving your cooks or staff an opportunity to create items when you plan on offering specials by doing this they will have the chance to be creative, which usually increases morale.

If you have additional thoughts on using menu specials, please share them in the comment section below.

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