Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

tip of the dayMost food truck vendors are their own harshest critics. You probably beat yourself up at the smallest perceived failure. So what should you do about it?

Stop it. Now!

These negative thoughts don’t just affect your performance; they rub off on your whole mobile food team.

Do you allow your food truck employees to make mistakes? Do you understand they’re not perfect? Do you know they do some fantastic work? So why can’t you view yourself in this light?

Take a step back and look at your accomplishments over the past year. But review them as if they are the accomplishments of one of your staff members instead of yourself. Pretty impressive, huh? You’ve gotten a lot done, haven’t you.

Now take a moment to look at all the bad things you’ve said about yourself just in the past week. Pretend a member of your team said those things about themselves. How would you react? Rebut each point and explain why it’s wrong.

Look at the balance between all your food truck business has achieved and all the inaccurate self-assessments you’ve made about it. Make this type of assessment process a regular practice. Do it once a week or every couple of weeks. Get rid of those negative thoughts and hopefully over time they’ll go away. When they do you can actually be much more productive and set a healthier mental tone for yourself and your mobile food business.

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