More and more food truck builders are brightening up the insides of their custom food trucks with metal diamond plate especially on the floors. The problem with this product is that it can be tough to keep it bright and shiny with all of the cooking that is done inside these mobile kitchens.

food truck kitchen

The next time you or a friend is remodeling a home be sure to collect some carpet scraps before the carpet gets to the trash bin. Carpet scraps make the world’s best polishing pad for diamond plate.

Carpet, especially the shorter nap shag, doesn’t leave threads behind or come apart as it is pushed across the rough diamond plate. It’s mildly abrasive texture quickly removes tarnish and when used with a good chrome polish, allows you to cover a lot of area quickly.

We recommend pushing the pad hard in the direction of one set of diamonds, then following the angle of the other pattern. This gets the carpet fibers tight against the plate’s raised portions giving a superb cleaning. Finish off the job with a microfiber cloth.

If you don’t have scrap carpet, poke around in the trash bins of the local carpet dealer. One stop and you should find enough carpet scraps to last for several years.