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Mobile Cuisine Brand Assets

While we love to provide our affiliates with premade creatives, there are many of you that are interested in creating your own Mobile Cuisine affiliate ads. Before you do, check out our brand assets to make sure you use them properly.

Where To Send Referrals?

Are you wondering where to send your affiliate referrals at Mobile Cuisine? Here is a list of markets to target and what specific pages to send them to.

New & Existing Food Truck Vendors

  • Mobile Cuisine Main Page
  • Member Benefits
  • Membership Pricing Page
  • Food Truck Jobs
  • Food Truck Reviews
  • Food Trucks for Sale
  • How to Food Truck

Food and Equipment Suppliers

  • Food Truck Suppliers

Truck Builders/Dealers

  • Food Truck Suppliers
  • Food Trucks for Sale

We will keep this list up to date so keep an eye out for changes.

Affiliate Articles

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