Congratulations to BONMi!  They have won the $500 gas card from the GiveNetwork/Mobile Cuisine food truck initiative – Fighting Hunger In America!

They are one of the many food trucks that have signed up to enable their customers to be a part of the giving process.  All of the donations gathered are shared equally between Convoy of Hope and Meals On Wheels.

David Lynch and the principle owners of BONMi all have restaurant background.  While traveling through Vietnam, they experienced the Bánh mì sandwich.  It was a delicious hybrid of traditional Vietnamese and French ingredients with contrasting flavors, temperatures and textures.

Upon their return, it was difficult to find this incredible sandwich, so they opened BONMi.  After their doors were open for 1.5 years, BONMi started a food truck to reach new customers without having to expand their brick ‘n mortar operations.

“Working on a truck is tough and everyone’s favorite moment is when our customers truly appreciate our efforts and product and let us know!” says Lynch.  We have a feeling that happens quite often.  They are known for their BONMi Chicken, but Lynch especially likes the green curry pork.

We are excited that BONMi chose to Fight Hunger In America.  This seemed to be a no-brainer for them.  They believe all businesses have a responsibility to the environment, animals, and humans.  “Small good deeds, which most people do, enhance humanity and joining the cause is simple while helping to end hunger,” commented Lynch.

He believes BONMi customers relate to their brand.  In addition to Fighting Hunger In America, they’re also involved in HOW Global, a not for profit organization whose mission is to educate and implement sustainable healthy life practices around the world.  They’re committed to fighting hunger and plan to engage their customers directly to support this Food Truck Initiative.

The registration continues to foster national food truck participation in Fighting Hunger In America.  Another $500 gas card drawing will occur on September 1, 2014, so all trucks can register and have a chance to win.  The more trucks registered, the more donations can be raised for Convoy of Hope and Meals On Wheels.  Together, we are all Fighting Hunger In America!