Join with fellow vendors in this historic & innovative initiative

You may have noticed that we have recently launched an updated theme at Mobile Cuisine in an effort to better serve our readers.  Just as the mobile food industry has grown over the last 4 years, we have too and are ready for new partnerships and promotional opportunities.

Today, we announce our partnership with the GiveNetwork ( to benefit two national organizations fighting hunger in America; Meals On Wheels Association of America ( and Convoy of Hope (

The GiveNetwork is a collaboration between Global Impact ( and LLC.  The GiveNetwork Initiative involves retail and independent businesses (in this case, food trucks) in the hosting of unique trackable Quick Response Codes or QR Donation Portals for consumer access and engagement via smartphone or tablet.

GiveNetwork QR CodeThrough these portals, food trucks facilitate donations from their customers for the two selected charities.

The reasons we have decided to promote this initiative are because 1.) it benefits two great organizations, and 2.) it incorporates the use of mobile technology to facilitate those efforts.  Additionally, food trucks receive ongoing marketing opportunities when they sign up.  The purpose of this partnership is to unite the food truck community in philanthropy and engage their customers in a new and meaningful way.

It’s easy to sign up your truck for the program.
  1. Click on the GiveNetwork logo on the Mobile Cuisine homepage.  You will be taken to the registration site.
  2. You will be asked for some contact information and method of payment.  There is a discounted fee of $45 for a year of service.
  3. Automatically emailed tax exemption donation receipts will include your brand and a personalized “thank you” message from your truck to your donating customers.
  4. Your signage with your uniquely trackable QR Donation Portal will be sent to you immediately to post where visible to your customers.
  5. Marketing Opportunity:  At the close of each month, you will receive a list via email of donor contact information (names/emails) along with total of overall donations collected by your truck’s unique QR code.

Every month Mobile Cuisine will announce newly enrolled trucks, trucks with the most active donors, and the latest happenings of the two organizations that are benefiting from the donations.

We are excited to be the media partner for this creative way of facilitating mobile donations.  Many of you already give back to your community in your individual way by donating your time, food and services.  This initiative allows your customers to be part of the giving too.

Join the GiveNetwork Food Truck Initiative Now!