While the idea is not new, there is a movement afoot aimed at changing the way we eat one day a week and Mobile Cuisine Magazine has jumped into it with both feet. Since the beginning of MCM we have introduced a new direction for our food truck industry coverage on Mondays.

To do our part in supporting Meatless Mondays we believe that sharing information, recipes, and news about vegetarianism and leading a more conscious life overall is beneficial for everyone, vegetarian and omnivore alike.

This week we found a program created, not for just one day, but for an entire week of the year. This week marks the reintroduction of DC Meat-Free Week, and on Thursday, they have set aside an entire day for the mobile food industry in Washington DC to join in. Here are the details.

DC Meat-Free Week is back and even better! This year’s schedule welcomes back a few favorites from Meat-Free Week’s inaugural year, and offers tons of new options for you to try. There are also plenty of opportunities to learn all about meat-free cooking, and to give back to the community while sampling some of DC’s best veg eats.

Meat, meet your match.

Thursday, February 10th
Food Truck Day featuring
Eat Wonky – $1 off vegan fries or vegetarian Wonky fries
Sweet Flow Mobile – $1 off all vegan and vegetarian salads and wraps
Pie Truck – $1 off a sweet slice with the purchase of a meat-free savory slice
Fojol Bros. – $1 off Pick 3 Vegan Feast
P.O.R.C. Mobile – $1 off vegan special of the day
DC Slices – debuting cooked-to-order 10? personal pies with Daiya vegan cheese and fresh chopped veggies
More truck listings coming soon!

Find the entire schedule for the week <here>

How To Enjoy DC Meat-Free Week

QWhy should I participate in Meat-Free Week?
A: At the same time that you improve your own health, you’ll benefit the planet, lessen animal suffering, and enjoy some of DC’s very best restaurants!

QTo be a part of Meat-Free Week, do I have to attend every event?
A: Feel free to treat yourself to as little or as much delicious meat-free food as you want. You can come one day, but you’ll probably be tempted to come all seven. Used to eating meat every day? Challenge yourself — you’ll be surprised!

QCan anyone come to the events, and do I need to RSVP in advance?
A: Meatatarians, carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and all others are welcome to attend any part of Meat-Free Week. The schedule indicates when reservations are recommended or required.

QHow does Meat-Free Week work once I get to a restaurant?
A: The same as any other visit to one of these great locations! Dine with your party and order as you wish. When in attendance, your Meat-Free Week organizers will try to make themselves known. Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us what meat-free options you enjoyed.

QWhat does it cost to participate in Meat-Free Week?
A: We’ve provided you with a fabulous schedule of restaurants, but what you spend is entirely up to you. Treat yourself to a cupcake or indulge in a full tasting menu.

QAny advice?
A: Be adventurous. Try a restaurant you’ve never experienced before. Order a dish that you’ve never heard of. Or, order a favorite dish prepared in a new way. Expand your horizons. Bring a friend. Come alone and talk to your neighbors. Remember, you can win friends with salad.

QAre there plans for another Meat-Free Week in the future?
A: Don’t worry, we’ll be back next year! But you won’t have to wait that long — Compassion Over Killing will host their annual Veg Week in April 2011.

QWhat if I want to make every week Meat-Free Week?
A: Check VegDC.com for help finding even more veg-friendly dining options in DC. Or, contact any of the below organizations for information on the joys of embracing a veggie lifestyle!

Please do your part today and join the movement? Signing up is fast and easy! Follow them on Twittter.

Mobile Cuisine Magazine looks forward to sharing Meatless Monday with our readers!