Calling all food truck owners!

Since last year, Mobile Cuisine has dedicated our Monday’s to provide information for the mobile food industry in regards to the Meatless Monday Program. We are proud to provide our readers articles designed to inform them about a multifaceted program that is spreading throughout the country. Not only do we show our support on the website, but our staff actually has adopted in our Monday dietary lifestyle.

To do our part in supporting Meatless Mondays we believe that sharing information, recipes, and news about vegetarianism and leading a more conscious life overall is beneficial for everyone, vegetarian and omnivore alike.

The purpose of this brief article is to ask food truck owners around the country to share their vegetarian or vegan menu item recipes with us, so that we can publish them for our readers. Food trucks by no means need to have completely meatless menus, we are merely looking for your meatless menu item recipes. Our readers are spread around the the US and around the world, many of which do not have access to food trucks in their area, and these recipes will help these individuals learn how the food truck industry has created delectable dishes that they can prepare at home for themselves and their families on Monday’s to help support the Meatless Monday campaign.

All we would ask from you is to submit an ingredient list as well as the procedures required to reproduce these items. An added bonus would be to submit photos of the completed item so they can be added to the recipe article. Your recipes will be featured on Mondays as well as a brief synopsis of you and your truck.

Please submit your recipes to [email protected]. We will let the owners of these recipes know in advance as to when the recipe will be published along with it’s link. We look forward to receiving and publishing your submissions for our readers.

Please do your part today and join the movement? Signing up is fast and easy! Follow Meatless Monday on Twittter.