2010 marks the 25th anniversary of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We at Mobile Cuisine have created a list of things you as a mobile vendor can do to help support this noble cause. Do your part and hop on the fundraising bandwagon to help in the fight.

How food trucks can show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness month is a yearly campaign that intend educate people about the importance of early screening, test and more. This campaign starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st every year.

According to CDC figures, over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,000 will die from this disease this year. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, after non-melanoma skin cancer. Although progress has been made over the years and mortality is decreasing, the goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to promote efforts toward more research and efforts to get women screened and treated earlier, particularly lower income women.

  • Join The Campaign. If you have a website or blog, join in on the Pink for October campaign. (It appears some overly sensitive antivirus software alerts a malware warning, however it is false)
  • Create A Menu Special. Use your daily special to promote a pink food item or a specialty menu item created specifically for cancer awareness and donate all or a portion of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
  • Modify Branding. If you sell pre-packaged goods, find food producers that are donating a portion of their sales to the cause. (Yoplait, Luna Bars, Odwalla’s Pink Poetry drink…)
  • Go Pink. Use pink ribbons, graphics, on your trucks.
  • Get The Team Involved. Include something pink in your uniform policy.
  • Be Part Of The Community. Find local fundraising events, contact their organizers, and bring your truck. A portion or all of your sales could be donated to the event’s organization.

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The Bottom Line

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), also referred to as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.

How are you planning to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month? SHare your thoughts on this topic in the comment section, our food truck forum or social media. Facebook | Twitter