For the last two years Miss Vegan, founded by Meghan, has brought delicious vegan food to people at local farmers markets and on ETSY where the goods get rave reviews. Now, Meghan along with her partner Tom, are looking to expand into the food truck business, but they need some help.

Miss Vegan is ready to move from its online dessert store to the next level. Miss Vegan is becoming a mobile food truck! The menu will be filled with healthier alternatives to diner style foods and desserts. The truck will be supportive of local farmers, the environment, a healthier way of living, and of course the lives of animals. Miss Vegan believes that food is more than just a belly filler. Food is a way to bring a community together and put smiles on people’s faces.

With the help of, Miss Vegan is aiming to raise $14,000 to go towards buying the food truck, cash register and initial inventory. At this point, they have been able to raise $4,300. You can visit their kickstarter page and make a donation. Depending on the amount of your donation, in return you may receive some baked goods, Miss Vegan pins or tee shirts, or if you are local to Providence, RI, you can even score yourself a hug.

$1 OR MORE – A hug when you visit the Miss Vegan truck and everlasting thankfulness.

$5 OR MORE – Above and an awesome Miss Vegan pin.

$10 OR MORE – Above and an invite to the VIP only Miss Vegan launch party. Come hangout with us!

$25 OR MORE – Above and a voucher for a tasty cupcake!!!!!! Also, an awesome one of a kind picture drawn by us!

$50 OR MORE – Above and a dozen yummy cupcakes. You choose the flavor! Can be shipped or delivered.

$75 OR MORE – Above, a Free Meal Voucher and a Miss Vegan t-shirt! How cool?!?!?!

$100 OR MORE – Above and an awesome Miss Vegan goodie basket, filled with all kind of surprises.

$250 OR MORE – Above and a cupcake designed and named after you. Also, your pic posted on our website.

$375 OR MORE – Above and 2 dozens cupcakes for YOU and 2 dozens cupcakes DONATED to the food bank or an animal shelter. ( we can make doggie safe treats too) Woohoo! Go you and go them!

$500 OR MORE – Above and a custom Miss Vegan apron! One of a kind! Look sharp in the kitchen (pun intended again)

$1,000 OR MORE – Above and a catered party for up to 25 people! Restricted to RI residents.

Along with tasty baked goods, when Miss Vegan gets her food truck she will be serving up veganized diner classics such as mozzarella sticks, steak and cheese sandwiches and chicken parmesan. Miss Vegan has been working long and hard to come up with tasty recipes that can be offered at affordable prices. We’ve thrown some spins on the classics, like Steak and cheese sandwiches and clam cakes and chowda. We plan to have a regular menu and a daily specials menu.

So if you have the means, please donate to help out some members of the vegan community and get some delicious vegan food out on the streets of Providence. If you can’t donate you can always help by telling everyone you know about Miss Vegan.