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Why Contribute to Mobile Cuisine?

At this time, writers do not receive financial compensation for contributing to the site. However, contributors do receive value from the experience:

  • Broad Exposure – Your writing and your name will be promoted to over 5,000 newsletter subscribers, 35,000 twitter followers and 20,000 Facebook friends.
  • Permanent Links – We are a page rank 4 site. As such, links back to your own site, such as links in your author bio, will receive link juice from being linked from our domain. This should help with your search engine rankings. The links you place will remain permanent.
  • Traffic – From the author box, you can tell us about yourself including any links. If your writing is featured, you will increase your site traffic and increase subscribers.
  • Update Bio – You are free to update your bio on Mobile Cuisine at anytime.
  • Writing – If you want to become a professional writer, this can be an effective way to test the waters. We don’t accept all submissions, however, we do our best to give you useful feedback on how to be a better writer.

What We Are Looking for

We welcome useful, helpful, and thoughtful writing on any of the following or related topics as long as they tie into the mobile food industry:

  • Starting a mobile food business
  • Running a mobile food business
  • The state of the industry in your area
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Cooking tips, recipes
  • Social Media tools, tips, apps.

How to Submit an Article

If you would like to submit your article for review by our editorial staff, email your submission, including your name, biography (with link), in a word document to admin[at] mobile-cuisine [dot] com. (Or just fill out the form below)

  • Articles are typically between 500 – 1000 words.
  • The editorial team provides copy editing as well as more robust editing services as needed.

The Review Process

  1. Submit your article for review.
  2. The editorial team will review it and respond to you in a timely manner regarding next steps.
  3. If approved, author and editorial team will make revisions to article and prepare it for publication.