Funding a food truck project is hard work. For new culinary entrepreneurs it can be very difficult to get funding through traditional sources. A way some vendors have been able to hit the street is through crowdfunding.

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Because crowdfunding can be difficult for some, we have decided to lend a hand. We now share food truck crowdfunding campaigns that are currently active and in need of support. While there is no guarantee that by pledging your support a particular food truck campaign will succeed, but every pledge helps.

If you want to find out more about a specific campaign, click the link to see more on that particular campaign. If you like what you see…PLEDGE!!!

This week’s food truck crowdfunding campaigns come from:

Louisville, KY

Em’s Delights: Creating the Delight-Mobile!

Em’s Delights wants to bring their delightful products directly to their customers via their own food truck, a.k.a The Delight Mobile.

48 backers | $5,371 of $10,000 goal | 13 days to go

Mount Shasta, CA

El Bululú Arepera

We are doing a Venezuela food truck….!!!

32 backers | $2,022 of $20,000 goal | 30 days to go

Whistler, Canada

Caveman Grocer Paleo Food Truck

Caveman Grocer is starting a food truck! Featuring local & organic produce, 100% grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken & pork.

30 backers | $1,675 of $11,828 goal | 27 days to go

Do you have a food truck crowdfunding campaign that needs help? Let us know via email, Facebook or Twitter. We will do our best to add your campaign in next week’s Food Truck Crowdfunding Campaigns.