We have found another individual (Ryan Afromsky)who is using Kickstarter to assist them in starting up a new mobile food venture. This project comes to you from Los Angeles, CA.

About this project:

In May 2007, grilled cheese sandwiches in Los Angeles were taken to a new level with the inception of meltDOWN etc. This quick-serve concept restaurant opened its doors to the public in Culver City, California, to lines of fans every day of the week. meltDOWN etc., the original grilled cheese concept, was created by myslef, Ryan Afromsky, with numerous types of grilled cheese sandwiches, including homemade soups and even dessert sandwiches.

meltDOWN etc., the home of the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, opened to much fanfare and quickly became a hit in the community and word of this one-of-a-kind establishment created fans throughout all of Los Angeles County. meltDOWN etc. has been featured in a number of local and national print magazines and newspapers, and radio stations, and local and national television shows. Plans of opening more locations quickly sprung up and the future of meltDOWN etc. was looking good for this newly created concept.

Fast forward to March of 2009, less than two years later, when meltDOWN etc. was forced to close its doors amidst what was referred to as the “perfect storm.” With the local and national economy in a state of turmoil, a lingering hangover from the writer’s strike, a lease coming to an end with a landlord who wanted gauge the business with increasing rental and overhead costs, along with a refurbished city (Culver City) that grew so quickly, it decided to raise all fees and taxes to exorbitant levels. As a result of this unforeseen closure, the friendly staff and loyal customers felt terrible and wanted to know if and when meltDOWN etc. would ever return.

You can find the entire project description <here>

You can find Ryan’s website www.meltdownetc.com and check out his Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and info (www.facebook.com/meltdownetc and @meltdownetc)

Mobile Cuisine Magazine will be following closely to Ryan’s project and will provide updates when we get them.