Yes folks, once again, you heard it here first. Chicago’s first food truck event series has been a huge success, and we have just been granted permission to extend it through August.

We will be adding even more trucks to the weekly line-ups this go around, but each Tuesday in August (2,9,16,23 and 30) from 4-7 PM we will have 6 food trucks at the NW corner of Halsted and North Avenue in Lincoln Park, for the people of the city to enjoy. There is still one more event scheduled for July, but as we get closer to August 2nd, we will be releasing the new lineups, so be sure to keep an eye out, and help us spread the word.

Photo from Steve Feferman Photography

If you were not part of the June or July events, and have interest, please email us at [email protected] . We have some questions for you.