Top US Cities to Open a Food Truck 11 – 20

The taco truck may have been the pioneers in mobile food in Columbus, but they’re far from the full delicious story. Over the past few years, food trucks have been popping up in town, with over 100 currently in operation.

Home of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the former US capital is making history again with a food truck culture that has truly taken off in Philadelphia.

As culturally diverse as it is breathtakingly scenic, the tropical paradise of Honolulu is finally one the country’s top cities to open a food truck.

While Champaign’s population doesn’t come close to being Illinois’ largest city, the local government’s acceptance of food trucks takes it leaps and bounds beyond what Chicago can offer a start up food truck business.

Seattle may be called the Emerald City, but in our opinion, it’s an absolute gold mine for a culinary entrepreneur looking to get into the mobile food industry.

Keep an eye on future article about each of these cities to find out more about why they placed where they did and the data we found