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From trucks, buses, carts, to trailers and towing vehicles, we have you covered

In just 5 years, food trucks have become the fastest growing segment of the entire food service industry. Spend some time here at Food Trucks For Sale to shop around and find the perfect vehicle for your opportunity to join. If you can’t find something right away, come back and check again. We are constantly getting requests for different types of vehicles, so the next time you pop in, we may just have the vehicle you were looking for.


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Since 2010 we have built a trusted relationship with the mobile food industry to provide information and services for the community. Now we are providing the means for individuals to place ads for their food trucks for sale as well as a platform for them to purchase the food truck of their dreams.

Wide Range Of Food Trucks For Sale

Whether you plan to open your mobile food business in a double-decker bus, a full sized food truck or just want to be the proud owner of a two wheeled hot dog cart, we have you covered!

Buy A Food Truck From A Trusted Dealer

A great food truck shopping experience usually involves a great seller. Find individuals who may be looking to exit the industry, or get rid of a vehicle they’ve grown out of or you can shop from a group of dealers that have fleets of new and used food trucks for sale. The Mobile Cuisine food truck marketplace provides buyers with all of the options. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us  via email or social media. Facebook

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