The Mobile Cuisine “FoodTruckOn” section (located at the top of every page) is designed cover a broad base of food truck and food cart deals from around the country. Mobile Cuisine’s aim to adding this content is to allow mobile vendors across the country a free and easy means to advertise their daily deals while at the same time, provide our readers a chance to save a buck or two or to even get a meal completely free.

This section will cover coupons, deals, and promotions from food trucks, food carts as well as food truck events.

If you are an owner of a mobile bistro or a mobile food event planner wishing to offer discounts to your event tickets, and wish to share a daily or reoccurring deal, please shoot us an email with your deal information.

We are looking for:

  • Who you are. (Truck name)
  • Where you are located. (Where the deals will be offered)
  • What the deal is. (How much off, what menu item(s) is/are included or excluded)
  • How long the deal will last.
  • How customers can redeem.

If you can submit the deal a week in advance we will be able to get the ad posted here and also be able to get the word out to our readers as well as our social media followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Send your information to [email protected], or even drop us a quick shout at our Twitter account @MobileCuisine. If we have any questions, we will be sure to follow up with you to work out the issue.