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Now you can earn rewards from Mobile Cuisine Magazine absolutely free. We are now powered by Punchtab, a free loyalty program established by Ranjith Kumaran the former co-founder of Yousendit.

What is Punchtab?

Punchtab is a free loyalty program means you gain points for commenting or “like” a post or the website page using your Facebook login.

Earning points are as easy to earn as merely visiting Mobile Cuisine Magazine every day. (100 per day)

You will earn 100 points each time you comment in any post. (be advised that spam messages will not be approved)
Another 100 points will be earned for using the “like” button in a post.
The more you points you earn the more chances you have to receive rewards.


1. You will see a red “Rewards” button at the top right of a page; click on that.

2. Then you will see this page.

3. Like our post, or leaving a valuable comment this will help you to earn more points.

At last when you reach the required points for a particular reward you will redeem your points into a gift card. Please note, once you have redeemed points for a reward, those points are deducted from your personal balance.

Readers can immediately authenticate through Facebook Connect and start earning loyalty points that are redeemable through exclusive offers such as:

  • $15 Groupon gift card – 17500 points
  • $5 gift card – 8500 points
  • $3 Amazon gift card – 5000 points
  • with much more is slated for the future

In adding this software, our goal was to be able to reward our loyal readership that help makes Mobile Cuisine Magazine the complete online resource destination for the mobile food industry!

If you have any problems, suggestions, or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope that you will enjoy this new program and continue to return to Mobile Cuisine Magazine. Our goal is to build the strongest mobile food industry community across the Internet, but we cannot do that alone, so we need your help and these rewards are a small way of showing our appreciation.