Mobile Cuisine has been serving the food truck industry since 2010. We are happy to announce a new and improved Mobile Cuisine for our long standing readers as well as those of you new to the industry.

Over the years, we’ve covered every aspect of the mobile food industry for everyone from the aspiring owner, existing vendors and the food enthusiast. Mobile Cuisine covers breaking news and provides valuable insight into the various aspects of running a successful mobile food business.

The New & Improved Mobile Cuisine

With the launch of the improved Mobile Cuisine, we wanted to walk you through your new options as well as the new layout.

Main Landing Page

The first thing our existing readers will encounter is our new landing page. We felt that it was important to make navigating the site as simple as possible. This page is where you’ll start. The main page is broken down into six links that will help anyone looking for something specific.

Learning Center

  • Mobile Cuisine. Since 2010, we’ve written nearly 5,000 food truck related articles covering just about every topic a food truck vendor would need. Nothing has changed except how you get to this the information.
  • Food Truck News. We released this section a few weeks ago to help centralize the location of  the breaking news on the site. Not only do we provide similar off the wire news content we’ve share over the years, but now we provide our readers with direct links to many of the news stories straight from the source.
  • How to Food Truck. Over the years we’ve stressed that continuing your education should be placed high on every food truck vendor’s priority list. Now we’ve made this task easier. The How to Food Truck section of Mobile Cuisine will provide our readers the chance to take free and reasonably priced classes to help improve your business knowledge. This section is not live yet, but is coming soon.
  • Mobile Cuisine Magazine. Since our inception, we at Mobile Cuisine have always wanted to take the website to print. While we’ve haven’t quite reached that goal, we are providing a quarterly digital online food truck magazine. This section is not live yet, but is coming soon.

Buy or Sell

  • Food Trucks for Sale. We will now provide a classified section for those looking to buy or sell a food truck. We’ve attempted this in the past, but until now, the software we had didn’t meet our needs…until now. Shop for or sell new or used food trucks, food carts, concession trailers and even towing vehicles.
  • Mobile Cuisine Shop. Have you ever wanted your own Mobile Cuisine merchandise? Now it’s as easy as ever. We’ve partnered up with to open an online store to offer Mobile Cuisine and How to Food Truck branded merchandise.

Post a Job

  • Food Truck Jobs. Is your food truck growing to the point that you need to hire someone to fill a role in your food truck empire? Are you a prospective food truck owner to get some experience on a food truck before you invest your life savings into a truck? Food truck jobs will help anyone looking to hire, or looking for a job in the mobile food industry.

Find a Food Truck

  • Food Truck Reviews. One of the toughest parts being a food truck fan is find food trucks to eat from. Sure there are other websites that show a truck’s current location, but wouldn’t you rather know what other diners have experienced before you track down a truck? We are now providing Food Truck Reviews as a location food truck fans can locate and review food trucks, food truck restaurants and food truck lots in their area.
  • Food Truck Catering. Are you looking to hire a food truck for an upcoming wedding, birthday a citywide event? Here’s your chance. Post a free catering listing for the event. Once the listing is live, we’ll reach out to food truck vendors in your area. If someone has that date open, we’ll have them get in contact directly to work out the details.

Supplier Directory

  • Food Truck Suppliers. Are you a current food truck owner looking to source new food or uniform suppliers? Are you a prospective vendor looking for a food truck builder, attorney or accountant for your new mobile food business? You’ll be glad to know that you now have a place to do that.

Find a Commissary

  • Food Truck Commissaries. Maybe the most asked question we receive here is if we know of any food truck commissaries in a reader’s area. Unfortunately, until now, this was something we couldn’t do. With the new and improved Mobile Cuisine, we can.

If this break down doesn’t help find what you need or you’re still perplexed as to where to find a specific area of the site, spend a few minutes to watch this video.

Let us know what you think of the new and improved Mobile Cuisine. We want to hear your thoughts on the new layout and options we’ve provided. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the food truck forum or on social media. Facebook | Twitter