Doug Trovillion, President of KD Management Group, Kona Dog’s parent company, said the food truck industry is ready for a strong franchise brand to open up the mobile restaurant business to the masses. “Our initial Kona Dog food truck in the Orlando area was successful beyond even our wildest dreams. The American public loves hot dogs, especially our Hawaiian-style dogs, and they are loving the food truck business more and more every day,” said Trovillion. “We can’t wait to see a Kona Dog food truck franchise in every major market in the United States.”

Kona Dog Franchising plans call for organic, regional growth throughout Florida and the Southeast, followed by aggressive expansion throughout the United States. “We’ve got plans to max out the Florida market while we are expanding nationwide,” said Trovillion. “All indications are that we are looking at a tidal wave of food truck franchise growth.”

Kona Dog partnered with NEXT Franchise Systems, an Orlando-based franchise development company, to create the Kona Dog food truck franchise opportunity and franchise sales program. Dale Waite, Managing Partner at NEXT, said the popularity of Kona Dog in the markets it serves is more than a fad. “I’ve never seen anything like it that’s for sure,” said Waite, “People have just gone crazy for Kona Dog’s unique products.”

Waite said food truck franchising is a relatively new phenomenon, but likens the growth to fast casual concepts from a decade or so ago. “This time 10-15 years ago, fast casual franchises were just coming onto the scene. If you got in then, you were one of the lucky ones. I think the growth of food truck franchising is headed down that same path. It’s amazing.”