LAKE HAVASU, AZ – City officials are taking steps to make Lake Havasu City a food truck friendly community but before vendors can flood the streets, officials say a set of standards needs to be created.

The city’s Community Services Director Greg Froslie said there have been a number of inquiries recently into operating a mobile food business, about four people in the past six months. When researching the issue Froslie said he discovered the city didn’t have anything on the books in regard to operating such a business.

“As it turned out, our code didn’t have any language regarding food trucks,” Froslie said.

Froslie and his staff have been tasked to develop those standards and part of the process includes reaching out to local business owners, restaurateurs and community members for feedback.

Froslie said a set of proposed standards is already circulating the community and mimics similar ordinances that other cities have adopted for food trucks.

The next steps include having a public meeting to hear feedback and revising the proposed regulations, if necessary, before bringing it before the City Council for approval. Froslie said he hopes to shoot it to the Council by May.

“We’re going through this public process to try to make this as transparent as possible,” Froslie said.

Froslie said Mohave County issues permits to operate food trucks and while having a permit will be one of the requirements, Froslie said the standards the city hopes to put in place will specify the regulations for food trucks within the city limits. The focus of these regulations includes safety and fair business practices.

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